Questions about boards? Ask away!

This quarter has flown by. For those who have never been on a quarter system before, it is quite the change. The semester schedule seems to drag on and take forever. With the quarter schedule you start school and get used to the new schedule for about two weeks. Then, before you know it, there are several weeks of midterms. Then you move right into finals. The quarters are great because they go by so fast—and they are really the perfect amount of time to get through a subject.

In several weeks we have boards, which occur for Palmer’s West Campus after lab finals but before lecture finals. The process of studying for boards really occurs while in school because lots of the material we cover throughout our courses. There is time outside of school that needs to be put into studying for boards to do well, but all of the studying is manageable.

With all the school, outside activities, and studying for boards, it seems like a lot. But everyone seems to be able to get through these busy quarters. I might add that there is a lot of coffee consumption! However, we seem to make it through the busy testing times.

In total we have Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, PT, and Part 4 boards. All of the parts except Part 4 are multiple choice only. The first time we come across boards is in our 6th and 7th quarters, and that depends upon the term in which you enroll (Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall). Boards come around about every 6 months after that until we graduate. The boards are important because to be able to receive your license as a doctor and to practice you need to pass all the above parts of boards.

If anyone has any questions about the boards process, I would be happy to answer them. You can e-mail me via the Campus Guides e-mail address, I have only taken Part 1 at this point and am soon to be taking PTs.

However, if there are questions to which I do not know the answer, I can ask other students. I am blogging about boards only because it seems to be a hidden topic that some don’t know too much about until they are facing them.

Nichelle Francavilla
8th quarter student, West Campus

Keeping busy, having fun at the West Campus

We have such a strong community here at Palmer’s West Campus, with so many different events to be a part of. Just the past three weeks have been packed with adventure and fun social events.

The first week back from break, we had the first quarter/second quarter party, where we welcomed the new students and socialized. We were out at the pool grilling and meeting all the new students.

The next day we went water rafting in Sacramento with a big group on a school bus. It was perfect, sunny California weather, and we were surrounded by great friends. It is such a blessing to have schoolmates that become such quality friends. The day was a blast relaxing on the river, splashing around. We even had some fun on a rope swing.

On the way back, everyone crashed on the bus after the long, fun, exhausting day.

The next day, a group of us got up early to head to San Francisco for the AIDS walk. Our school got together to support and donate towards the AIDS research nationwide.

Phew! Seems like so much already, and I’ve only just begun.

The next weekend, a large group of us went to Scottsdale, Ariz. and spent the entire weekend at the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council Symposium. There we were able to network with many sports chiropractors and hear well-known speakers present on newest research in the sports field. The seminars throughout school have been amazing and so important. All of them keep me motivated in school and show me even more of what is out there to explore in our field.

Since the seminar, there have been even more events. There is always something fun to do here—always a game to see, a speaker to listen to, and a sporting event to play in.

Of course in the midst of all this fun, there is the classroom component. I always make sure to find time to get lots of studying in, but I maintain a healthy amount of fun to keep me motivated through this busy and challenging degree. I love every moment!

Nichelle Francavilla
8th quarter student, West Campus