Weekends are for fun, relaxation and…ME!

As our students wrap up another successful trimester, they are setting aside their books and studies to tell us what they enjoy most about their weekends as Palmer students…

Q. What have you enjoyed doing or being involved with on the weekends since you have been a student at Palmer?

My time here at Palmer is almost over and I’m reminiscing about my favorite weekends at Palmer… I loooooved waking  up late on Saturday mornings, grabbing my mat and heading to a hot yoga class! Then I enjoyed spending some time looking at recipes online and doing some grocery shopping. I loved to make fun and more time consuming recipes on weekends and bring goodies to my friends that night, have people over or bring treats to school! I loved juicing fresh vegetables and fruits and the weekend allowed time for the rigorous cleaning of my juicer. I would often make a lot of meals ahead of time for the week. I also loved going to Scott County with friends and going for hikes in the spring, hot summer, or beautiful autumn leaves. I also looked forward to going out with a group of people to the bars of downtown Davenport: Kilkenny’s, Mac’s or for bustin’ a move on the dance floor at Carriage Haus. The Daiquiri Factory and the dueling piano bar (now Comedy Sportz) in Rock Island also provided some solid entertainment. I also loved traveling to Chestnut’s Wellness seminars, Nucca conference and a few Gonstead and Mopal seminars. I liked taking advantage of the free seminars the school put held on weekends as well like the Business modules. Hopefully my Sunday didn’t consist of too much studying, but usually it did. However I’d find something to clean, laundry to do, friends and family to call, or anything else before I resorted to my books on Sunday night to study for that hairy exam Monday morning. In my later trimesters, I really enjoyed minimizing scheduled events on weekends. I enjoyed hosting or attending dinner parties, wine nights, nail painting, or game nights at home with a few friends.  I also loved going on small trips to Le Claire or Galena, IL whenever my budget could afford it! I really loved my weekends at Palmer!

-Kaileigh Strath

On weekends at Palmer, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing things for me. All week long, I am completely committed to schoolwork, studying, things Palmer-related, but on the weekends, I relish the time to get out in nature for a run or bike ride, or time in the gym with buddies to play some basketball. It also tends to be when I eat the most enjoyable, but unhealthy things, such as pizza and ice cream. I use the weekends to re-energize for the upcoming week. Another aspect of this for me is attending an uplifting, inspirational church service on Sunday mornings to get grounded again.

-Kyle Collins

Since I became a student at Palmer I started running on a regular basis. One of my favorite things about the weekend is completing my long run for the week. I love the feeling of accomplishment from pushing your body not only physically but mentally. It is also a great way to relieve stress from the past week of school and prepare yourself for the next week.

-Katherine Melot

I like getting away from the city and going out in nature.  The Quad Cities and surrounding areas have an abundance of hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping opportunities.  Getting friends together on a day off to relax is just what I need at the end of a hard week.

-Brian Hall

One thing I love about Davenport is the Farmer’s market, open Saturday mornings. I can get tons of fresh groceries, from meat and cheese to fruits, veggies, even pasta. And going with friends makes it even more fun.

–Allison Nisbett

I enjoy spending my weekends at the Troxell Intern Program taking Sunday classes. The classes have helped me improve my palpation, technique, and visualization skills. I enjoy the opportunity to practice my Chiropractic skills any chance I get.

– Brittany Sedar

Group outings to Whitey’s Ice Cream on the weekends. There is nothing better than ruining a week of healthy eating by enjoying a full day’s worth of calories all condensed into a shake that is consumed in less than ten minutes. Yumm…ohh yeah, spending time with close friends is important too!

– Brad Francis

I love the farmers’ market on Saturday morning! Also, all of the music festivals that are going on in the summer are great! Recently, my weekends have been kept busy with the central high school marching blue devils band which I help volunteer with on the staff.

–Alec Schielke

So far, on the weekends I have been taking yoga classes at a local yoga studio, One Tree Yoga. As well, I have been attending Troxell Workshops, which have been very helpful in getting extra hands on experience. I have had fun spending time with classmates, and going out for pints at Front Street Microbrewery. I recently took a trip out to Galena with my roomates, and visited the winery there. It is a quaint little town with lots of unique shops, and beautiful views. It was great to get away. Other than that, I have been doing lots of studying!

-Chelsea Delorme

Since being a student at Palmer I have discovered many fun things to do on the weekends. A trip to the farmer’s market and a walk to the park or to the river happen almost every weekend. I love baseball so, during the summer months, I attended River Bandit games and I was on a recreational softball league.

– Jessica Richards

My favorite fall activity is planning my son’s birthday party.  This year he will be 2 on October 25.  My husband and I enjoy planning a fall birthday party.  This year his party will be at Patch’s Pumpkin & Honey Farm.  There will be pumpkins to pick, corn mazes to run through, corn pools to swim in, pony rides, hay rack rides, apple cider, pumpkin launching with their pumpkin cannon and of course Birthday Cake!  There are so many beautiful orchids and pumpkins patches to visit in Iowa and beautiful fall leaves to enjoy on your drive to any of them!

-Jennifer Katzer

Yes, there IS life outside of school

With the start of the fall trimester I am renewed with a sense of excitement. I will likely lose some hours of sleep, spend many days doing observation and do meticulous calculations, but it will all be worth it. No, I’m not talking about my new classes. It’s prime time deer season here in Iowa!

As students at Palmer, it is very important to remember that there is life outside of school. Yes, it is extremely important to work hard in your classes, and you must make this a priority in your life if you plan on leaving this school prepared to be a great doctor. With that being said, you can’t forget about activities to rejuvenate and energize you for the task at hand. For me, hunting does just the trick.

Iowa has an abundance of public land and waters that are available for anyone to enjoy. As an experienced outdoorsman, please take my word that Iowa has a lot to offer compared to many other places. One of the things I have looked forward to all year was getting out in a stand to hunt the legendary Iowa whitetail with my bow. Now that the rut is about to take off, I am spending as much time as possible in the woods. Although I am going to be driven crazy by a 13 point buck that never seems to come closer than 100 yards, that’s not the real reason I head to to the woods. Hunting is an avenue that allows me to build relationships, explore the state and appreciate nature with all its beauties. Perhaps most importantly, it is a time to reflect.

Getting through Palmer is a journey that undeniably requires a large time commitment, but this fall I will be balancing that with a healthy dose of Mother Nature. I encourage everyone to think about investing time into themselves to make sure that you are more than just a student this trimester. Happy hunting!

-Brian Hall, 4th trimester, Davenport Campus

Carpe classes! Take full advantage of your classes

With every new trimester comes a new adventure. It’s always wonderful completing another trimester and getting one step closer towards graduation, but what is even more exciting to me is starting a new trimester with new professors. There is such a wide array of professors, and each has their own experience and specialty. You know that if you truly put the effort in to attend classes and listen to information they are sharing, you will take away a lot of information as well as life’s lessons from that instructor.

We recently had a professor hit home on the importance of coming to class and reminded us of the fact that although the subject may or may not be our favorite, that one class you missed may have pertained to the one fact you really wanted to know about. Our professors make it known they are not here to just read to you from a textbook but to teach how to apply this information now and in your future as a chiropractor.

A well-deserved and much appreciated break

Although I love going to class and learning several new things on a daily basis, I am always excited to enjoy a weekend away. I genuinely feel that it is important to maintain a life with family and friends outside of Palmer. Palmer is great about scheduling short breaks throughout the trimester by acknowledging important days and holidays with a day off from class.

After a busy week of testing, the Labor Day holiday was great for de-stressing.  My family and I planned a trip up to Okoboji Lake in northern Iowa for boating, swimming, kayaking and good food.

Though my pre-Labor Day week felt test-heavy, Palmer’s professors typically are great about spreading out our exams and being courteous of other scheduled exams.  Rarely do you have more than one to two exams in a day. As long as you stay on top of the material as opposed to cramming, it’s not bad.  After the first trimester, I got into a good schedule of keeping up with the material and then putting a strong focus on specific test three to four days before the exam.  This has allowed me to be successful when taking exams without getting test anxiety from cramming.

Jennifer Katzer
4th trimester student, Davenport Campus

Fun times at the West Campus

Fourth quarter is well on its way, and midterms always seem to pop up out of nowhere. They say that if there is an “easy quarter” then this one is it. Relatively speaking. I’m thankful this happens to coincide with summer because I feel like I’m just getting started with exploring the ins and outs of the California outdoors! We don’t have this stuff in Ohio!

We just wrapped up our big prospective student event here, and I must say it was a great time meeting so many potential West Campus students. You don’t realize how much you’ve grown to learn about the chiropractic profession, the West Campus, the surrounding California area, or your own personal “chiropractic vision” until you start communicating with others who are new to it all. It’s refreshing and motivating to see so many enthusiastic people considering to join us here.

We also just had our annual school-wide Play Day at a local park. It was a particularly welcome day off. My classmate Mikey and I almost broke our ankles making fools of ourselves in the 3-legged race but it was well worth it!

Tomilyn Thornberry
4th quarter student, West Campus

Helping others cultivate a personal desire for wellness

“Arouse in the other person an eager want.”

 Walking the epigram-lined hallways on Palmer’s Davenport Campus, absorbing words of experience from professors and conversing with fellow colleagues, one quickly gets the message that we are all here to help the population at large.

This is a great endeavor, and huge strides are already being made with chiropractic patients in infinite ways. We know that there will be multiple chances for us to make a difference in others’ lives.

Most students at Palmer have already evolved enough in their thinking to realize that these changes made will only be as great as our patients want them to be. The real challenge is in learning what individuals want and need to elicit this positive change in their lives.

Fortunately we have several classes that allow us to explore diverse ways of interacting with patients.  Ultimately we all want the best for our patients. As doctors of chiropractic who spend hours learning about the importance of innate intelligence, hopefully we all can put our own wants aside to recognize the individuals’ needs before our own.

Let us be the tool for removing nerve interference, allowing innate to do the rest, thereby arousing in these individuals an “eager want” to self improve.

Jennifer Katzer
4th trimester student, Davenport Campus

Gratitude: For my education and my family

As I start my fourth trimester at Palmer, I am once more excited to be participating in such a wonderful program. Palmer has been more than accommodating to me in my quest towards becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, as well as a busy wife and mother.  This is my second trimester being back from the birth of our son, Gavin, I have been able to take a reduced course schedule and allot myself plenty of time for studying and spending quality time with my family.  Both professors and fellow classmates are always very supportive and open to sharing words of wisdom of how to excel in the program with several other things going on.  Being at Palmer has further developed my multitasking skills and has taught me to make good use of my time available.

We have been very fortunate that our son has been healthy and growing like a weed during his first eight months of life and I strongly believe his regular adjustments have helped to support his health.  He usually spends his chiropractic appointments giggling through his adjustments.  He is a pretty ticklish little boy and well-adjusted all around!  It’s great to see my son interacting with fellow classmates at various Palmer events or even during study sessions with friends.   We look forward to watching him grow as we learn about the wonderful world of chiropractic at Palmer together as a family.

Jennifer Katzer, 4th trimester student
Davenport Campus

On Rainy Days

There was a period of about 10 days last month where Davenport did not see sunny clear skies. The forecast was the same every day: rain. I’m a pretty active person, so this started to feel a little unbearable. Normally, on a rainy day, I love to read or watch a movie, and with the price of a movie rental at Redbox, you can’t go wrong! Granted, I still had a fair amount of studying to do outside of the school day.

But during this rainy streak, I discovered a “hidden treasure:” the audio/visual collection at the Palmer library! You may be thinking that I must not spend much time in the library if I didn’t know about this sooner, but the truth is I have spent SO much time in the library studying for exams, that I didn’t take the time to explore the rich resources it has to offer!

The audio/visual collection houses recorded lectures and myriad videos on technique, anatomy, and presentations by some of our professions best. I’m sorry that I did not take advantage of this sooner.

A Palmer education equips students to be great doctors of chiropractic, but there are so many resources beyond the classroom that we can take advantage of. Now I have discovered that I do not have to look very far to find them!

Leah Hetebrueg
4th trimester student, Davenport Campus

So, what have YOU eaten today?

Recently, in my nutrition class, a 4th trimester course, we kept track of our food intake for three days. We inserted everything we ate, down to the exact amounts, into a website called Fitday.com. The website calculated all of the important vitamins, minerals and macronutrient deficiencies that each of us had.

 This assignment was great because now we each know exactly which nutrients we need to focus on in our own diets. It also gave us insight as to what many of our patients will be deficient in, as well. I really enjoyed this activity because it brought to the surface the importance of what we put in our bodies.

Lacey Pletchette
4th trimester student, Davenport Campus

Taking on Toggle-Recoil

At Palmer, fourth trimester is a student’s entry into actual adjusting classes. The first of these classes is Toggle-Recoil. The Toggle-Recoil technique was developed by B.J .Palmer, so it is something that we value at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

B.J. named Toggle-Recoil the “hole-in-one” technique based upon the anatomy of the C1 and C2 vertebrae: The dens of C2 fits perfectly through the bony ring of atlas. B.J. quoted in his green book, “A History in the Making:” The only place there CAN BE cord pressure is where the COMPLETE CORD is . . .” The area of the COMPLETE CORD is at the level of occiput, C1, and C2; basically at the base of the skull. If this area is subluxated, then mental impulse to the rest of the body is hindered. Therefore, Toggle is an upper cervical technique where C1 and C2 are the only segments that get adjusted.

The most important part of a Toggle-Recoil adjustment is the recoil. After thrusting, a quick recoil allows the C1 vertebra to vibrate/oscillate within its normal range until equilibration is reached.

So far, we have learned x-ray analysis, and now we are in the process of learning all the set-ups and patient placement for the adjustment. The instructors seem to have a limitless eye for detail, so it always seems like they find something wrong with my set-up. However, I realize that the success of an adjustment begins with a good set-up, and I am grateful that they are helping me become the best chiropractor I can be.

I’m looking forward to the end of the trimester when we have the “Toggle-Off,” which is a class-wide competition to see who has the best toggle technique. I’m a pretty competitive person, so I’ll be practicing hard in preparation. Stay tuned for future blog postings about the “Toggle-Off!”

Leah Hetebrueg, 4th trimester student
Davenport Campus