5th Quarter at West Campus

These past few weeks have been quite busy as a 5th quarter. We made it through our CCEPs and passed with flying colors! It was slightly stressful to be put in a strict clinical/testing setting, but in the end we found it kind of fun to demonstrate what we have learned in the past year. All of our professors from our first year of classes were the test facilitators, and it was kind of cool to show them that we’ve retained what they’ve taught us! It also gives us confidence moving forward. Seeing the now 9th quarters in student clinic is a huge reality check–we will be in that position in a year! And it’s motivating to really learn as much as possible in our classes, especially as we begin to learn more pathology and clinical related information.

With endless classes and tests it sometimes seems like it’s not possible to learn everything. But having so many classmates in the same boat makes the learning process much more fun and do-able.

A group of people from my class that are taking the Applied Kinesiology 100-hour course find ourselves particularly strapped for time with a sixth day of class each week. But after a year into Palmer West, you really start to have an idea of who you work well with, and studying together makes the process go much more smoothly. We’re all in this together to become the best chiropractors we can be!

– Tomilyn Thornberry, 5th Quarter, West Campus

Here’s to a great fall quarter!

We just began the second week of fall quarter and I must say it’s crazy to think that I’ve already completed one year here. It’s true what they say about how quickly it moves. I remember back in spinal palpation lab in first quarter, thinking that I would never be able to feel the structures we were asked to find. Everyone said that after a year our skills would improve dramatically. I’m sure it’s all relative, but I would have to agree that it’s amazing how much your hands-on skills improve over the course of your first year. It’s exciting to think how much more I will improve this coming year … and then a year from now it’s clinic time!

It was fun to welcome the new first quarter class last week at various events that were going on at school, such as SPIZZ Night, the all-school Welcome Assembly and the party that the 2nd quarter class always throws for the 1st quarter class. We are no longer the largest class on campus, and we also got to move into a larger room with a window! Small victories! As a Campus Guide, it was fun to see some of the prospective students I had on tours show up as a new students this quarter.

Currently, we 5th quarters have started the frantic rush of studying for our CCEP exam in three weeks. This test is a cumulative review of the material learned in our first year here at Palmer’s West Campus. It involves 14 stations: seven practical and seven written. We will be asked to perform clinical and adjusting skills, along with being asked to do basic diagnosis of common metabolic conditions, etc. It’s kind of overwhelming but at the same fun to review the information!

There are about 10 people from my class that are taking a 100-hour certification course in Applied Kinesiology with a local chiropractor. We have six sessions this quarter and six next quarter. Our first session was great and, while it makes for a long week, it is a great way to bring in a very different aspect to what we learn in school.

As for me, cross country season is in full swing with the team I coach, and we are hoping to have our boys’ team win their league meet in two weeks and move on to state! Here’s to a great fall quarter!

Sleeping on our chiro tables for a good cause

The whirlwind of the end of the quarter has set in! Thank goodness I’m not taking boards yet! Lately it seems like my life has been dominated by presentations.

First my group presented on osteoporosis in our chiropractic clinical evaluation class. Then I gave my SPEAK presentation last week, “Chiropractic Care for Runners.” This was a 10-minute talk in front of peers talking about chiropractic and answering questions in preparation for eventually going out into the community to talk about chiropractic care and encouraging people to seek care in our clinic here at Palmer. It was challenging to sum up this huge profession in 10 minutes, and I talked so fast! It’s very motivating to participate in this club.

As Campus Guides we are required to be SPEAK certified, but now I look forward to being able to refine my communication skills and give my talk again. I’ve also been doing mini health talks for athletes on the cross-country team I coach and their parents. It’s fun to talk about nutrition and other health topics with them. Too often in chiropractic school, we get used to talking to people with the same level of understanding as us—so it’s great to keep in mind what the knowledge base of our patients will be!

On another note, I’m pumped to participate with Sports Council as part of the sports medical staff for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in San Francisco this weekend! These women will be walking 60 miles in three days raising money for breast cancer research. We will help keep them in one piece and get them across the finish line! Early mornings and sleeping in the med tent on our chiro tables awaits, but it is bound to be a rewarding and educational experience!

Tomilyn Thornberry
4th quarter student, West Campus

Fun times at the West Campus

Fourth quarter is well on its way, and midterms always seem to pop up out of nowhere. They say that if there is an “easy quarter” then this one is it. Relatively speaking. I’m thankful this happens to coincide with summer because I feel like I’m just getting started with exploring the ins and outs of the California outdoors! We don’t have this stuff in Ohio!

We just wrapped up our big prospective student event here, and I must say it was a great time meeting so many potential West Campus students. You don’t realize how much you’ve grown to learn about the chiropractic profession, the West Campus, the surrounding California area, or your own personal “chiropractic vision” until you start communicating with others who are new to it all. It’s refreshing and motivating to see so many enthusiastic people considering to join us here.

We also just had our annual school-wide Play Day at a local park. It was a particularly welcome day off. My classmate Mikey and I almost broke our ankles making fools of ourselves in the 3-legged race but it was well worth it!

Tomilyn Thornberry
4th quarter student, West Campus