Passed Boards and heading to the clinic!

November brings the beginning of a new trimester.  I am now in 8th tri and am thinking I will really enjoy this trimester.  With 8th tri, the class load is decreased so that we can spend more time in the clinics treating patients.  It is going to be really nice to be able to spend more time in the clinic versus the classroom!!

In December we will be allowed to apply for clearance to the AHC (Academic Health Center), meaning that seeing outpatients from the community is not too far away.  I can’t wait!! Also, all the classes this trimester have a practical application to real life practice, which makes them a lot more interesting and easy to pay attention to.

Also, a big weight was lifted off my shoulders two weeks ago when I got my Part II National Boards scores back and passed all of the sections!  That means two parts down and two more boards parts to go!! It makes all the stress and hard studying worth it!

Well, I don’t have too much to say since we have only been back in classes a week, but I am very excited to see what this trimester has to offer!

– Stephanie Tronnes, Davenport Campus


Thoughts on National Boards, wedding planning and more

When I left you last time, I was talking about organization and how important it is as a student.  Well, I have to say that being organized is going to be more important to me this trimester than the ones before.  This is mostly because this tri I start seeing student patients in the Campus Health Center (CHC), which is a very exciting new step.

However, student clinic is not the only thing on my plate this trimester.  I will be taking Part II of National Boards, which means weekends of board review and studying in all of my spare time.  On top of all this, wedding planning is in full swing as my wedding is less than 11 months away!

I often find my mind wandering to questions like, “Should I do satin ribbon or organza?” or “Is fuchsia the ‘right’ pink, or do I like magenta better?” Then after a few minutes of wedding thoughts, I have to come right back to thinking of my classes and studying for boards.  The only problem is that wedding planning usually sounds way more fun!

Although wedding planning is great, the thing I am most excited for this trimester is being able to start treating patients. I feel that I am ready for this next step in my education, and I can’t wait to start helping my fellow students. Working in the CHC will give me the opportunity to really refine my skills and prepare me for my future as a chiropractor.

Hopefully I can stay on track this trimester and limit my wedding distractions!

Stephanie Tronnes
7th trimester student, Davenport Campus

Connecting with kids through chiropractic

When I blogged last, I had just completed my first observation in the Campus Health Center. Shortly after that I had my second observation in the clinic. In the clinic, I am under a staff doctor who focuses on treating children, and this observation was one of my first experiences with children and chiropractic.

It was amazing to see how small children respond to adjustments and how the different techniques are adapted for small children. This experience gave me a new look at all the benefits of chiropractic. Of course I knew that children would benefit from chiropractic, and that it is just as important for them to be subluxation-free, but to see it all in person made it more real.

It was also really awesome to see the interaction of the different interns and my staff doctor with the children. Both the doctor and the interns amazed me with their patience and ability to connect with the children. I was excited to get into clinic before this experience, but this made me that much more excited about starting to see patients. It also made me really look forward to the opportunity to work with a great staff doctor and the children that are under her care. 

 Stephanie Tronnes
6th trimester student, Davenport Campus

It’s all about the technique

I am about one month into my 6th trimester and am loving it. This trimester we have transitioned into even more hands-on learning as opposed to strictly lecture. This tri I have two technique classes, Pelvic and Thoracolumbar. In Pelvic we have learned how to analyze x-rays of the pelvis and determine the listings to be adjusted. Over the last couple days we have started learning some of the side posture set-ups for adjusting the pelvis. This has been my favorite part of the class this far, and I can’t wait to see what else we will learn. In Thoracolumbar we have learned both the Diversified and Gonstead ways of adjusting the thoracic and lumbar regions. These two technique classes have definitely caught my interest, and I can’t wait to learn more in them.

As I mentioned earlier, we have learned both the Gonstead and Diversified ways of adjusting thus far in Thoracolumbar, and we will learn more as the tri continues. I very much enjoy the different techniques that are taught in all technique classes.

 At Palmer we will learn what we call the “Palmer Package,” which includes Palmer Gonstead, Diversified, Toggle Recoil, Thompson, Barge Tortipelvis, and Extremities. I feel that this gives us a very well-rounded education on the different techniques out there—and that it will enable us to provide great patient care in the future!

 Hope everyone has a great Easter!

 Stephanie Tronnes, 6th trimester student
Davenport Campus

Do yourself a favor: Get organized!

As another trimester of classes starts, it is time to get organized! My biggest advice to current and prospective students is to get organized early and keep it that way! Starting each trimester with all your class and exam schedules makes staying on top of assignments super easy.

I also feel that being organized helps me manage my time so that I can complete all my tasks and be prepared for all exams without stressing out too much. It even helps me be able to fit in some “me” time! 🙂

Organization is almost therapeutic for me, so it has made my first five trimesters at Palmer much easier!

Stephanie Tronnes, 6th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

Halfway mark!!!

I am just about to finish my 5th trimester which marks the completion of the first half of my Palmer education! With that being said, it is very exciting to think that i am half way there, but at the same time a little scary! I mean, in about 6-7 months I will be seeing patients in the Campus Health Center.  When I first started at Palmer I thought that this would never come, but I have to say it has flown by!

Fifth trimester has been a crazy and busy tri, but at the same time I have learned many skills that will be used in future practice. Currently I am taking a class called Physical Diagnosis where I have learned the many skills needed to perform a thorough and efficient physical examination.  With all the practice in class, I have gained confidence in my skills.  This tri I am also taking Cervicals, which has been a great experience.  We have been taught both Gonstead and Diversified techniques for adjusting cervicals.  Along with those two classes, I have NMS Diagnosis which has taught me multiple different tests that can help to better determine patients’ conditions. It is cool to think that I am starting to learn more hands on applications and adjusting techniques this trimester.  I am very much looking forward to what next trimester has to teach me!

Stephanie Tronnes, 5th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

As the Holiday season approaches…

With the holiday season here I want to take a few moments to look over the last year.  I realize that I have learned so much in a short time and that I am almost halfway through my chiropractic education.  When looking back on the time I have spent at Palmer so far I realize that I have grown a lot as a person and am starting to grow into the doctor I will become!  Another awesome part of the holiday season is that I get time to go home to spend quality time with my family.  This also means that I can share all the amazing things I have learned with them in hopes that it can help them with their health.  The education I am receiving at Palmer is top notch and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Also, as the holidays approach it is nice to know we have a two week break from school.  The break is timed perfectly so that students can recharge the batteries and come back in the new year ready to rock.  One thing I have always believed is that everyone needs time for themselves, including students.  One thing I can emphasize to perspective and currents students is to take time to enjoy yourself and give your brain a break. This doesn’t mean neglect studying 🙂 just take a break once and a while!  So go home and enjoy the break!

See you all in the new year!

Stephanie Tronnes, 5th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

Allow me to introduce myself…

Hello all! My name is Stephanie Tronnes and I am a current 5th trimester student at Palmer. I am from a small town in Wisconsin called Edgerton, which is about 25 miles south of Madison.

The beginning of my chiropractic experiences started at a young age, actually before I can remember.  My parents took me to the chiropractor when I was a baby because I was suffering from ear infections.  Luckily the chiropractor was able to ease my ear infections and prevent me from having to get tubes.  I continued to go to the chiropractor on a somewhat regular basis from then on.  All of my experiences with my chiropractor were amazing, and this made my decision to become a chiropractor clear!

Once the decision to become a chiropractor was made, it came to deciding on which school I would go to.  After some conversations with my chiropractor and family it was an easy decision!  Palmer was the only place for me, and I am LOVING it here!

I am also very excited to share with you that my fiancé, Zach, recently graduated from Palmer and will start work soon!  Watching him graduate and start his journey as a new Doctor has been an amazing experience and makes me all the more excited to continue my journey at Palmer!

Stephanie Tronnes, 5th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus