7th tri and seeing patients!

I am currently in 7th trimester and seeing patients in the student clinic! It is so amazing to finally get to practice and apply everything that we’ve learned for the last two years. Seeing results in my patients structure, function and overall health is what chiropractic is all about, and it feels so great to start positively influencing lives!

I will be thrilled to open my own practice after graduation and reach as many people in my community as possible with chiropractic. With that being said, I have much to improve upon, and the next year will be crucial in my growth and development into the best chiropractor I can be. I am so excited for my future as a chiropractor!

– Lacey Pletchette, 7th tri, Davenport Campus

Those who can, teach

At Palmer, we have some truly amazing faculty. Many of these teachers are chiropractors (who also have their own chiropractic practices on the side) and give of their time so freely. They live and breathe chiropractic to their core and have so much knowledge, passion and philosophy to pass on to us students.

Just in the past week, I heard the “student favorite” Dr. Burns speak in pediatrics club about SIDS and the numerous research studies showing that nearly all babies dying from SIDS had atlanto-occipical subluxations such as an “AS occiput” causing upper cervical cord pressure. I also had numerous 1-on-1 conversations with technique professors regarding clinical situations and adjusting procedures. I couldn’t ask for better faculty-student relationships than I’ve had here at Palmer.

– Lacey

Half-way there and almost in clinic

I am currently in 6th trimester and so excited for what lies ahead in my remaining year and a half at Palmer. I completed my first observations in the Palmer student clinic the other day and got a good taste for what my own clinic experience will be like. I can’t wait to have patients of my own and begin using all of the skills and techniques I’ve accumulated along the way.

I am currently in two technique classes, thoraco-lumbar and pelvic. Therefore, after this trimester, I will have officially learned the entire spine, which is so exciting! So upon entering the clinic in 7th trimester, the only technique class left to take is extremities. The progression of technique classes is very logical, and I love how we now get to start getting hands on in 2nd trimester.

Switching gears

Each trimester at Palmer is very different from the last, in that your class schedule has changed, you have new professors and are switching gears and learning entirely new material. For these reasons, I always look forward to another new trimester and getting one step closer to being a chiropractor!

I have really enjoyed being on a trimester schedule at Palmer (on the Davenport Campus; Florida and West are on a quarter system), verus the semester schedule everyone is used to in undergraduate studies, because just about the time you are getting sick of a certain class and ready for a change, the tri is over!

The start dates for entry into Palmer are in March, July and November, and as students we get about 10 days break inbetween each tri and during the summer break we get about 3 weeks. These breaks may not seem very long, but I am always ready to get back in the swing of school and keep the momentum going!

I am so happy with my decision to come to chiropractic school!

-Lacey Pletchette

All the prep work was worth it for this practical

This morning in physical diagnosis class, we had our first practical. It covered all aspects of taking a thorough case history on a patient. For an entire week, we discussed the importance of taking an extensive case history and all the components of the case history, so that by the time the practical rolled around today, it seemed easy! During the practical, we each took the doctor role and did a complete case history on a patient (upper-trimester students filling in) from memory. It went great, and I am so glad that we got a chance to master this skill before moving onto the next big idea, which will be taking blood pressure and vitals. I feel like I will learn a lot in this class!

Lacey Pletchette, 5th trimester student
Davenport Campus

So, what have YOU eaten today?

Recently, in my nutrition class, a 4th trimester course, we kept track of our food intake for three days. We inserted everything we ate, down to the exact amounts, into a website called Fitday.com. The website calculated all of the important vitamins, minerals and macronutrient deficiencies that each of us had.

 This assignment was great because now we each know exactly which nutrients we need to focus on in our own diets. It also gave us insight as to what many of our patients will be deficient in, as well. I really enjoyed this activity because it brought to the surface the importance of what we put in our bodies.

Lacey Pletchette
4th trimester student, Davenport Campus