Chiropractic Kids

Being raised by a Chiropractor may be a different experience than being raised by someone who is unfamiliar with the profession. Since chiropractic is a profession and lifestyle, it impacts not only the graduate but also their family. My father is a 1982 Palmer graduate, and my mother is an avid health advocate. The combination of my parents who valued health more than the average American parents led to some interesting and awesome experiences. At points growing up, I felt somewhat embarrassed for being different than my peers, but looking back, I am overwhelming thankful for the way they raised my brothers and myself.

One of the major differences I noticed between my peers and myself was our overall mentality towards health and sickness. In our family, we all knew that if we felt like we may be getting a little cold that it just meant we needed to get adjusted, drinks lots of water, have some tea and get lots of sleep. In a lot of households, name brands like Tylenol, Advil, Nyquil and Pepto-Bismol are a staple, but we just knew that we did not have them in our house or even need them. I’m not saying that all drugs and medications are awful and should not be used, I’m just saying that sometimes they are used too often or when unnecessary. We also were not vaccinated, which is a topic I will save for another blog. My brothers and I were also sick a lot less often than our classmates, except for getting the chicken pox and minor colds here and there.

School lunches were another place that I noticed our “different” lifestyle. I was sometimes disappointed with my peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread, carrots and grapes in comparison to my classmate’s lunches that consisted of peanut butter and fluff on white bread, Dunk-a-Roos and Doritos. I didn’t appreciate my “boring” lunches then, but now as an adult, I am so thankful my mom fed us a really healthy diet. Also as far as lifestyle, my parents really value the importance of exercising often. They both did and still do a lot of running, biking, lifting and other physical activities. I was fortunate enough to be driven around to many dance, cheerleading and gymnastics practices since I was in preschool, which gave me a great appreciation for staying active. My brothers were also involved in many different sports including soccer, football, baseball, wrestling and lacrosse.

Getting consistent chiropractic care helped my brothers and I excel within our sports, which was awesome to experience. We were fortunate enough to come home to our Dad and say, “My ankle feels funny, can you please fix my ankle?” and “I got tackled really hard in that game and need an adjustment immediately!” There are definitely perks to being a chiropractic kid, perks I didn’t fully appreciate until I began to pursue the journey of becoming a chiropractor as well. Overall, I feel very blessed to have been raised in a chiropractic family and I hope more people will embrace the chiropractic lifestyle in the future.

Part 1 boards are behind me!

Well, I just finished part one of National Boards last month and let me tell you, it is nice to have that behind me.  We all spent long days and late nights trying to cover everything possible that we thought may appear on the board exams.  I started to become anxious a couple of days before and couldn’t tell if I wanted them over with or thought I needed more time.  Friday morning on the way to the exams I put in my Bob Marley CD and, as my four year old would say, “jammed out” on the way to school realizing I was excited to see what this was all about.

As it is with a lot of things the anticipation leading up to a big event is usually more nerve racking than the event itself.  The same held true for boards.  I expected to receive several pages of paper just filled with questions and was prepared to be completely overwhelmed.  That wasn’t the case.  We received plenty of time to finish the exams and it turned out not to be so intimidating after all.

Of course everyone stands around after each exam discussing questions they thought were difficult, hoping that someone else will have answered the same giving you a little piece of mind.  But, when all was said and done, it wasn’t that bad!  The instructors had done a great job at preparing us for these exams!  I was particularly thankful for Mr. Morter, the Spinal Anatomy II teacher, and hope that we make Dr. Weinert proud with our Biochem scores. 🙂

Saturday night, my husband and I had a get together and campfire at our home where we were able to unwind and enjoy time with family and friends.  It is really hard to believe how fast the time has gone by since I started and here we are, planning our half-way party.  I look forward to all that is ahead and can’t wait to share my experiences with more prospective students in the upcoming trimesters!

Erica Boland, 4th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus