My first clinic patient!

My first patient in the Campus Health Center was very interesting. The prior intern was still in the room, which was helpful but also more nerve-wracking. I didn’t want to do or say anything wrong, even though everyone does things a little bit differently. The patient was understanding because I went a little slower and asked the previous intern a lot of questions.

Before the appointment, I thought I understood how to use the paperwork and what needed to be filled in, but at the appointment I was lost. The previous intern showed me easier ways to do things, and I became very efficient. The adjusting portion went very well for me, though. I hoped I had redeemed myself with my patient and that she would return for her next appointment. After the appointment, we rescheduled for a few weeks later, and she left. The previous intern stuck around and helped me with all of the computer work. I learned easier ways to type the notes and make sure they were placed in the correct file. I realized how much I knew and how much I forget when I get nervous. The upper trimester students are always a great help.

By the way, my patient did return and stayed my patient for my entire stay in the Campus Health Center!

– Christa Scheffler, Davenport Campus

2 thoughts on “My first clinic patient!

  1. Excellent story! I remember my first patient in the Campus Health Center, too. All that preparation, all that studying, all that time and effort and work… and then a totally different in-the-moment situation! Professional athletes often talk about how, with experience, “the game slows down” as they learn to focus on the details when the fundamentals become rote. That was the essence of the learning experience in the Campus Health Center: learning to slow things down, breathe, and think like a doctor!

  2. The story in the Campus Health Center is very interesting.
    The good doctor and ask profession was respected. They are noble and virtuous character. Hooray doctors!

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