Fun times at the West Campus

Fourth quarter is well on its way, and midterms always seem to pop up out of nowhere. They say that if there is an “easy quarter” then this one is it. Relatively speaking. I’m thankful this happens to coincide with summer because I feel like I’m just getting started with exploring the ins and outs of the California outdoors! We don’t have this stuff in Ohio!

We just wrapped up our big prospective student event here, and I must say it was a great time meeting so many potential West Campus students. You don’t realize how much you’ve grown to learn about the chiropractic profession, the West Campus, the surrounding California area, or your own personal “chiropractic vision” until you start communicating with others who are new to it all. It’s refreshing and motivating to see so many enthusiastic people considering to join us here.

We also just had our annual school-wide Play Day at a local park. It was a particularly welcome day off. My classmate Mikey and I almost broke our ankles making fools of ourselves in the 3-legged race but it was well worth it!

Tomilyn Thornberry
4th quarter student, West Campus

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  1. i definitely wish i could get one every month and watch how my baby grows. i got one at 6 weeks and i guess i have to wait till dmeeebcr for the next one, especially at this stage (10 weeks) since i dont feel anything, im bonded cuz i KNOW im pregnant and i saw my little kidney bean last month but i would feel SO much more connected if i could SEE the baby every month. so i definitely feel where you are coming from lol

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