My power has been turned back on!

The past few weeks have been weird for me because for the first time in my life, I experienced low back pain. It started at yoga one day. I am used to doing hot yoga, and I decided to do more in room temperature. I am not sure if that contributed to it, if it was bound to happen anyway, if it was the changing of the biomechanics of the posture, or something else. I tweaked the way I did one of the postures and felt a sharp twinge in my L5—a vertebrae in my lower back—when I stood up. I have found some postures that make it feel better and have been doing them throughout the day.

On Monday this week, I was not really in pain anymore but went for my biweekly chiro appointment and told my doc what happened. It turned out, when he scoped me, that I had a break at L4/L5. Then he did the arm fossa tests (because he is SOT certified) and a couple other functional tests with me. He found that my right hamstring was weaker than my left and showed me that these tests were the neurological component of my subluxation.

I could see it and feel it. He motion palpated my spine and found that my L5 was PL. I was placed in side posture in a Gonstead set up and my segment moved before he even thrusted! That’s how much I needed it, or it “wanted” to go, I say. After that, he blocked my pelvis with SOT blocks and re-checked my arm fossa test afterward. I was showing better reflexes instantly!

When I stood up, I felt like a new person. My pelvis felt so good! Remember, I didn’t even know, by how I felt, if I was subluxated because I was not experiencing any symptoms anymore. After my adjustment I knew I felt instantly better. This is just another example of why we can get chiropractic care for wellness and not just when we are in pain. Even I didn’t even realize the potential I had for feeling fantastic!

This lit me on fire again because I realized and experienced again for myself how chiropractic care works. I want to be a great chiropractor and share with my patients this amazing new level of wellness and function beyond what they will ever imagine, that they all have the potential to experience.

Kaileigh Strath
6th trimester student, Davenport Campus

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