Q&A with a prospective student

Recently, a prospective student asked me several questions. Because I know that I had several of these same questions when I was looking at chiropractic schools, I will blog about my answers in the weeks to come.

Prospective student question: Do you feel that you get enough nutrition classes to enable you can give excellent nutritional advice to patients? Or is this something I would have to learn more about outside of class?

Answer: I feel that we learn enough of the foundation for making sound nutritional advice.

The biochem classes are taught specifically geared toward nutrition and give you a good understanding of how the body uses what we put into it, including variables such as what it needs after exercise and in what quantities. Those classes are followed by a general nutrition class that gives you basic concepts of nutrition, a toxicology class that focuses a lot on supplements (herbs, vitamins, etc.) and how to see if they are beneficial for certain things or just old wives’ tales.

The final class in the series is a clinical nutrition class that was added a few tris ago, so I didn’t take it. From what I have heard, it is supposed to give you guidelines on how to give nutrition advice clinically.

Will you need to learn more outside of school? It depends on the amount of nutritional advice you want to give. If you are working in a team setting with other healthcare professionals, you will have a full-time nutritionist helping with that. If you are practicing by yourself, you might need some more specific training—but Palmer gives you what you need to be able to look at something and determine if it is good or not.

I believe Palmer’s nutrition curriculum is the most extensive in any chiropractic program and is enough for giving advice to the general population. If it is more complex case, most chiropractors refer to a good, natural nutritionist or another chiropractor with advanced training because they have a lot more training than we could get.

Joe O’Tool
9th trimester student, Davenport Campus

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