Helping others cultivate a personal desire for wellness

“Arouse in the other person an eager want.”

 Walking the epigram-lined hallways on Palmer’s Davenport Campus, absorbing words of experience from professors and conversing with fellow colleagues, one quickly gets the message that we are all here to help the population at large.

This is a great endeavor, and huge strides are already being made with chiropractic patients in infinite ways. We know that there will be multiple chances for us to make a difference in others’ lives.

Most students at Palmer have already evolved enough in their thinking to realize that these changes made will only be as great as our patients want them to be. The real challenge is in learning what individuals want and need to elicit this positive change in their lives.

Fortunately we have several classes that allow us to explore diverse ways of interacting with patients.  Ultimately we all want the best for our patients. As doctors of chiropractic who spend hours learning about the importance of innate intelligence, hopefully we all can put our own wants aside to recognize the individuals’ needs before our own.

Let us be the tool for removing nerve interference, allowing innate to do the rest, thereby arousing in these individuals an “eager want” to self improve.

Jennifer Katzer
4th trimester student, Davenport Campus

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