Share your ‘why’ with the world!

As I mentioned in a previous blog, recently I went to the “Catch the Wave” seminar in San Francisco, hosted by Life West Chiropractic College. (This is their version of a homecoming event.) There are speakers that come in to discuss all sorts of different topics, lots of networking opportunities, and vendors and chiropractic organizations with booths.

One of the speakers I enjoyed—really, every speaker was amazing—was Bill Esteb. He is not a chiropractor, but he is a chiropractic advocate because he loves the profession. His message to us was to relay to the general public our “why,” not our “what.” Basically he said don’t explain what we do. Don’t pull out research to back up what we do, give an anatomy lesson that explains how the chiropractic adjustment works, or try to convince people that they need chiropractic care. Instead, Bill Esteb said, we need to tell our “why.” We need to tell people why we do what we do. And the amazing part is that everyone will have a unique why.

This is a good idea because people respond to emotional stories better than they do to being educated and lectured. Thinking back, do you remember most of your high school or college lectures? Most of us would probably say no. But if you had a teacher that told stories and made you connect emotionally to the information, then you probably will remember those moments. Just like you can remember your first date, wedding, your child’s birth, or the day you were so excited to get your acceptance letter into Palmer! But chances are you don’t remember what you had for dinner last night or even last week. Why? Because you don’t have an emotional connection to it.

I’d like to share my “why” with you! I was called to be a chiropractor in fall of 2009 when I went to a chiropractor as a wellness patient—at least that’s what I thought because I wasn’t having neck or back pain. But after a few adjustments, I was able to get off the stomach medication I had taken most of my life for the acid reflux I was diagnosed with at birth.

This may not seem like much to you, but it was to me. It gave me my life back! I was used to feeling nauseous every day, with severe stomach pains that really interfered with my life.

I now could go out on dates without having to leave early because I didn’t feel good. I could be active without feeling nauseous. I could spend time laughing and having fun rather than lying on the couch, feeling awful. Because of chiropractic, I got to experience life!

Since chiropractic gave me my life back, it’s now my mission to help people experience their full potential in life—especially children! There are so many sick people in the world who don’t realize there is another option other than drugs.

Have fun sharing your “why” with the world! 

Stacia Kampschnieder
7th trimester student, Davenport Campus

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