A typical, beautiful Friday

Hey-o! As I write this, it’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, and the sun is shining. I am typing this blog via my HTC Android as I sit in the sun outside of West Hall by Main Street. I can hear the sound of some amazing drummers practicing at Central High School across the street.

I got up this morning and checked my phone as I usually do. I had received an e-mail from my friend with a YouTube video on how to cook a delicious looking vegan meal. Yum, now I’m more inspired to make healthy food for my day! I showered and got ready, dressing in clinic attire today because I have my Vogt (student leaders) meeting and a physical diagnosis practical.

I sat at my computer and finished typing and printing an essay I was working on last night for a scholarship application. No surprise, they are due ASAP, and I am finishing them up the morning of!

I quickly printed them and left the house with my yoga mat and saw and smelled that my roommate’s friend, who is staying at our place right now, had made Apple Crisp! It smelled delightful, so I told her she was amazing a rushed to school for my 9:20 meeting. I was three minutes late today! Shoot. But my scholarship applications were all printed and ready for club leaders to sign.

Our meeting topic was good today; we discussed professionalism in class and being present. Staying off cell phones, respecting the professor’s time, and respecting classmates and teacher’s questions and lectures are a few things that can be easy to lose sight of halfway through the program, when everyone becomes comfortable.

I will admit to having been late for class on more than one occasion this tri, and I have answered texts and e-mails when I really should have been paying attention. Even in yoga, they are teaching me to be more present and focus on one task at a time to be more productive. I am getting better, and the meeting was a great reminder today.

We hope to convey the message via a video to all students and encourage mutual respect in the classroom. We are very good for the most part, but a reminder at this time in the program would be nice for all, I think.

After that, I got some signatures for my scholarship applications from executive committees of the Nucca club, the Gonstead club, and Campus Guides.

I then headed to meet Kelly Serra (fellow Campus guide and classmate) to practice for our Phys Di practical. It was 30 minutes each and we had to cover everything from palpation of lymph nodes, to looking into eyes and ears, to palpation of the abdomen. It is a very thorough exam, and Dr. Littrell has helped us feel confident for clinic and Part 4 Boards in that area. We both practiced once through, and then took our exams and got perfect scores! How exciting!

Kelly and I headed to the library to print off forms to apply for our lab hours for next tri. I signed up for PT lab at 3:45 on Wednesdays. Should work for me! That is the last lab I will take at Palmer!

Then we headed for the cafeteria because we were both hungry. It was closed at 1:30, whoops! Just missed it! Second choice, we went upstairs to Starbucks, and Kelly got a delicious looking, fresh-made wrap.

I decided to go to Greatest Grains (GG), a nearby health food store with a deli, because I didn’t have NMS class with her right away. Mine was at 2:50.  I ran up to the financial aid department on third floor in the student services building and handed in my scholarship applications. Phew, it was done! Now it is “wait and see”!

I went to GG and got some kale salad, brussels sprouts and a couscous salad. Yum!  I came back to school at 2:50 for my last class of the day, NMS. We practiced a few of the orthopedic exams we will have to perform on Monday for our final practical. Normally we have more classes on Fridays but a few are done already for the tri!

Now I’m off to yoga with Stacia at four and off for the weekend! Seriously can’t believe it is Friday again already Peace y’all!

Kaleigh Strath, 5th trimester student
Davenport Campus

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