Goodbye, rugby. Hello, yoga!

I started going to the gym when I first arrived at Palmer a year and a half ago. Also, I found a yoga studio downtown and got more into practicing yoga. I liked the gym, and I liked workouts that really pushed me, which is why I decided to join the rugby team.

After a year of playing and spending time at the gym, I realized that the type of workout I like started changing. I felt stressed and that the gym was just another check on my to-do list.

People started asking me where I was when they hadn’t seen me there in a while, which was great for accountability, but I was also taking on the weight of feeling like I had to go when I really did not want to. I started to realize that I did not have to work out for other people, just for me.

It is a hard thing sometimes to differentiate what you are doing because someone put that in your subconscious that that’s what you SHOULD be doing, versus what is really in your heart and you want to do for you.

It is also hard to think you should do things for you, because it can seem selfish at first. But how can you really love others until you love yourself? And how can you love yourself if you are not living in congruency with your values and what you really would like to do? What makes you come alive? What really lights your fire? Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

I digress, but I quit rugby and going to the gym and turned more to yoga and running outdoors after coming to this realization. I wanted to be outside with nature and move my body the way hunters and gatherers and old yogis did! I have found peace in yoga, and it made me want to move further with it.

Last weekend a friend and I from Palmer took our yoga training. It was fantastic! In a lot of ways, I saw it parallel chiropractic. There is a philosophy, an art and a science to it. There are people who practice many different types. There are people who do what ancient yogis used to do in the Himalayan Mountains where yoga all started, and there are people who use new science and who really get into the biomechanics and the workout of yoga. To me this is very similar to what I see in our profession and I really appreciate the diversity. The yogic philosophy is very similar to what I believe, and in my opinion goes hand-in-hand with chiropractic.

The five principles of yoga are proper exercise, proper diet, proper breathing, proper relaxation, and positive mind and meditation. My passion is optimal health, like a lot of chiropractors, and these five principles are right up my alley. I heart yoga and chiropractic!

Kaleigh Strath
5th trimester student, Davenport Campus

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