Moving on up—to the AHC

It’s my eighth trimester, and I was just cleared last week to move into the Academic Health Center (AHC), the “big boy clinic,” where we see outpatients, or “real” people, as they are comically referred to.

It’s exciting to share expertise and knowledge with patients who really appreciate the time and advice you have to share. The respect I feel and confidence I have in communicating health advice to them even surprises me sometimes. Hah!

It’s refreshing to turn around and say, “Wow, I guess I really DO know this stuff!” The docs told us in class that “It’ll all come together.” As my chiropractic clinical practice becomes more and more real to me, I find myself appreciating those long hours in lecture, lab and study. It’s all part of the journey! As it is said, “He that would have the fruit must climb the tree.”

Vito Spadafino, 8th trimester student
Davenport Campus

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