What a busy week it was!

Whoa! Last week was a busy one!

I am not sure I was prepared for what last week had in store! I got to bed late last Sunday night because I was studying—not because I had to put in the hours like for Spinal Anatomy, but because I had procrastinated again, which doesn’t help me go into a busy week feeling refreshed. Oops!

I looked at my schedule and wondered when I would fit yoga in this week. Then I started to feel a little bit of a sickness coming on—a sore throat and runny nose.  I know exactly why I got sick. I had eaten well, gotten adjusted and exercised, but did I get enough sleep? Did I plan enough quiet time? or was I go-go-go the previous week and weekend? Yep, you guessed it.

I can’t help but feel like a hypocrite when I get sick at Palmer. I’m supposed to be WELL! I want to be a wellness doctor and a wellness advocate, and I believe the first and best thing to do is lead by example.  I am still learning!

First thing Monday morning was our first physiotherapy exam. I had a really good feeling afterward, so my head started to feel better too. Funny how that works, isn’t it? We had class the rest of the day until 3:45, and I headed to a meeting at 5, then to my 6:30 adjustment because I wanted to allow 100 percent functioning of my nervous system for the rest of my busy week!

After that, I headed home to study radiology. I stayed up fairly late again and ended up talking to a friend from home on the phone late as well. Why did I do that before a test?

The next morning our test was at 8:25 and I studied throughout my 7:30 class, but half listened. Sorry Dr. Rowell, I don’t like it when I do that, either! My radiology test did not go as well as PT the day before. Sad.

I went for a nap to sleep it off and get ready for the rest of the day. Then I woke up and studied for a quiz in physical diagnosis at 12:05. I felt ready. It went well! Phew, back on track. Three more classes: cervicals and NMS and PT lab.

After class I headed to my locker to meet my friend for a birthday surprise! I and 3 others took her out for a nice Italian meal. We scurried home afterward to study Toxicology for Wednesday morning. I figured out the best sleep-to-study ratio for me, given the time I had, and then I followed through.

It was tough to wake up at 5:30, but I did it! I was still feeling sick and couldn’t wait until Thursday at 3:45—when my weekend would begin.  Off to class, waiting for the 9:20 hour when our test began! When it was over, I felt good about it, as well, and felt a sense of accomplishment. “Only one more quiz to go this week, Kaileigh! You can do it!” I told myself.

We continued with the rest of our classes, and after school we had wellness club. Dr. Barber came in and talked about a bunch of wonderful ideas she had been brainstorming with about what to bring to campus. She had a certain PowerPoint slide that sticks in my mind about the six aspects of wellness: emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, environmental and social wellness. This club meeting helped me reflect on my week. I needed to step it up in the spiritual wellness and the social wellness, and his meeting helped me make a clear decision.

I cancelled my plans for Easter weekend of going back to Canada and decided to stay in Davenport for four whole days with very little planned to nurse myself back to complete wellness. Wow, did it feel good!  After tutoring and working on my toxicology project with my friend, Devanni, I went out for a drink and karaoke with my roommate and my friends from my tri that night and laughed and had so much fun. (Social wellness!)

Thursday was the last day of school before Easter break. I did awful on my NMS quiz, and I should have studied more. But I couldn’t have felt better at 3:45 Thursday! Time to heal!

As I write this, it is just Saturday, and I have been to yoga twice and slept lots. I already feel like my battery has been recharged. (And I have two more full days stil!! Yay!)

As busy as the weeks can be at Palmer, I freaking love it here! It really is a time for personal growth and figuring out who you really are. I am the type of person who plans lots and wants to do more than I can handle sometimes (as you can probably see) but I am still learning to say “no” and to manage my time. I think it will always be a challenge, but I like challenges. That’s what makes us BETTER, right?!

“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.” I forget who said that quote, but I encourage you to try saying it to yourself everyday and see what happens!

Here’s to wonderful experiences at Palmer and getting to know amazing people and YOURSELF while you’re here. Don’t forget: YOU are AMAZING! 🙂

Kaleigh Strath, 5th trimester student
Davenport Campus

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