Back to the grind

Well its back to the grind with a new trimester underway but this time new classes is actually the last thing on my mind. Now I’m getting ready to take boards for the first time in a couple weeks. It’s still a little over whelming even though everyone says you are going to be fine. I’m really glad that I’m taking the NBS board review because they are such great teachers and really help you understand the information better. The review makes this much less stressful but at the same time how can you not stress at least a little.

Break seemed to go by so quick this time and I didn’t even go anywhere. I guess just not being in class or doing anything makes time go so fast. I suppose knowing I had boards coming up made the week go faster too.  I’m hoping that we start to get some warm weather after boards so I can start doing stuff outside. I’m definitely ready for the depressing cold weather and lack of sunlight to be gone.  Spring and summer couldn’t come quicker. Well I hope the next couple of weeks treats me well. Later.

Ryan Etherton, 5th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

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