Different Perspectives

I think one of the most rewarding things about being a campus guide is the variety of experiences that I receive. Just this last trimester I was able to give tours to individuals from practicing alumni, to our national congressman, to prospective students. It is always interesting to see the different perspectives from the various groups. I love the excitement that I see in prospective students. It reminds me of the excitement and the eager anticipation that I had when I started this program. It also helps lift my spirits if I am having a long day or just received a bad score on a test or practical (not that I ever do).

What is even more encouraging to me is when I see that same eagerness and anticipation from alumni who have been practicing for several years. It is awesome to see chiropractors that have the same love for their profession at the end of their careers as those who are taking the first baby steps towards becoming a chiropractor.

As I prepare to leave the student clinic for the outpatient clinic, I am starting to see tangible ways that chiropractic helps people not only feel better, but it helps them become and remain more active, alive, and free. Stay tuned for stories of patient encounters as I begin to discover my own chiropractic “miracle” stories.

Joe O’Tool, 7th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

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