First Rugby Game of the Spring Season!

Thinking back on spring …

Rugby season started up again in the spring! No one was more excited about this than me. 🙂 As you may remember, last season I broke my finger so I had to sit out for the fall season. Of course, it was fun to watch my teammates, but nothing compares to actually playing.

Our first game of the season happened to be our only away game of the season. We played the Morrigans, who are based outside of Chicago. Thankfully the trip was only two and a half hours, so we didn’t have to leave too early. 🙂

Let me tell you, rugby road trips are always a fun time. There’s always tons of food, laughs and singing. Lots and lots of singing. We have a lot of new rookies on the team so it was a great way to do some team bonding. 🙂

We knew that the weather was going to suck. There’s literally no other way I can put it. The forecast said 40 degrees and windy. So we packed leggings, long socks and undershirts – but it still wasn’t enough! We pulled up to the pitch and it starts snowing. As soon as I got out of the van I immediately asked myself why I played rugby – hehehe. But once the game started we forgot all about the weather. We scored three try’s and we even had the chance to switch up positions! I had practiced being a prop for about 30 minutes, and I didn’t feel very comfortable with it, but I tried it out in the game and actually didn’t mind it! I even managed to do something good, so overall not too bad. 🙂 Did I mention we won?! It felt great!

After the game we went to the social – where the other team feeds us and we end on a good note. Then we hit the gas station for some snacks, and we were on our way back home! The snow turned to hail, but thankfully stopped as we were leaving. Once we got back we cleaned out the vans and went our separate ways. Rugby games make me extremely tired. Like to the point where I cannot function. Poor Joey has to put up with me when I’m this tired, I feel sorry for him! Hehe. You would never believe it, but sometimes I get very angry when I’m that tired. Thankfully he doesn’t take it personally. 🙂


PS: I have a new pre-game tradition!

Palmer Business Center!

A couple blogs ago I mentioned that I attended this amazing business seminar put on by the Palmer Business Center (formally the Palmer Center for Business Development, but we just call it the Business Center). I seriously cannot say enough about how helpful it was! I was so glad I went. I thought about not going because it was on a Saturday at 8 a.m., and I knew I’d be exhausted after the exams, but I went anyways! So here’s the scoop:

What will my future be?

What will my future be?

Palmer Business Center has a TON of business modules, presentations, speakers and events to help you succeed on the business end of chiropractic. So this specific event featured a doc from Des Moines. He started out by telling us his chiropractic story and how he got through school. It was nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel – if you know what I mean. 🙂

His presentation was geared to help students figure out a plan for graduation. Basically he told us what his story was and what he learned. I thought that was very nice! Not all people are willing to share their personal struggles or road to success.

A lot of the things he shared I hadn’t even thought of. For example, knowing your advertising abilities if you rent from a building. Some leases allow you to advertise on the outside of the building and some do not. Just little things like that. Or my favorite: GET AN ACCOUNTANT. Haha. I know that math, taxes, business banking stuff is not my thing. I know that already, so I should really be looking into an accountant once I’m in practice (if I’m not associating).

He also discussed the possibility of associating vs opening a practice right away. So for me, I live in this happy little world where I think everyone is nice and wants to help me. So my idea of associating was that the hiring D.C. wants to help mold you into an amazing D.C. and lead you to take over the practice. And don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact that many D.C.s are very willing to help work with new grads like this. But not all. Some of D.C.s looking for an associate might want their practice to make more money and get more patients/business or want more time with their family. Which, thinking about it now, it’s kind of like ‘DUH.’ So if associating is what you want to do, you need to figure out what motivates the DC and prove yourself there. For example, if I interviewed for an associate job and said, ‘I can be there so you have tons of time off for your family.’ But the D.C. might not want that. Instead he wants you to bring in tons of patients and expand the business. He may think you are lazy or not willing to go out and recruit patients (which may or may not be true). It’s all about catering to their specific needs. Yours and the D.C.’s. 🙂

This presentation really got me thinking about my graduation plans – SCARY! Ahh…But in a good way.

Now that I’m dreaming of graduation, I had better start studying for finals. 🙂


First week back from break …

My first Palmer winter break is in the books. We’re going to play a little game: Expectation vs. Reality.

My expectation of break was to spend all my days with my family, binge watching Netflix, binge eating delicious homemade food, dining at my favorite places back home, sleeping in as late as possible, and enjoying the holidays. Maybe even showering more than twice … hehehe.

Expectations are pretty low here; but then there was the reality. The reality of break is that everyone from home wants to see you or do something, there’s a lot of traveling, early mornings and late nights, catching up on all the things you needed to do before break (but couldn’t get to), and the school work and studying. Don’t get me wrong, break was amazing, but it was a little different than I pictured. I did have a couple days to myself where my expectations came true, but for the most part I was very busy. It’s good to be busy though, keeps you from being lazy and makes you feel loved. 🙂

The first week back from break was filled with a couple quizzes and a PNS exam. If you remember my last PNS was not so good due to the Packers amazing win over the Lions, but this exam I prepared for. I knew I needed to do well and I did J Dr. Torgerud’s CNS and PNS classes are pretty tough, especially if neuro just doesn’t click for you. For me, I like the basics and I appreciate CNS/PNS but I could never specialize in advanced neuro cases. Not my thing. But anyways, after this exam on Thursday I was able to relax and prepare for next week’s exam.

My boyfriend Joey’s birthday was on Wednesday, and because I had PNS on Thursday, I wasn’t able to celebrate with him.

My family at the hockey game

My family at the hockey game

NOTE TO FAMILY MEMBERS OF A CHIRO STUDENT: Chiro school always wins. Always. We try our best, but most times school is already pulling us in every direction. But it’s only temporary. 🙂 But that being said, Joey and I celebrated the weekend after his birthday in Madison, Wis. We love Madison. 🙂 We lived there before Palmer, and Joey went to school there, so to say we miss it would be an understatement. We met his whole family down there on Saturday, went to our favorite restaurants, and also went to a Wisconsin men’s hockey game. It was a lot of fun! And I was glad Joey was able to celebrate his birthday properly, even if it was a little later. 🙂

But all good things come to an end, and we had to return to Iowa. I also had a test Monday morning, and the Pack played on Sunday. So I watched the game and then studied. Priorities people!!! Hehe.

But after the Immunology exam on Monday, I also had a Subluxation practical. Both went just okay. Need to do better next time, but not a big deal.

Now to prepare to take seven exams in less than two weeks … and it’s not even finals!


What I did over break


Secret Santa night!

During the last week and half before break I thankfully only had two exams! What a relief. Too bad they were terrible. I thought I studied enough and felt confident and both tests blew me off my feet. So that’s always a nice feeling … not. The break couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. 🙂 I can’t wait to have a little time off in order to get motivated again and just get away from school for a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love Palmer and Chiropractic, but sometimes you need some distance. I also think I needed to spend some time with my family. 🙂 I couldn’t wait to snuggle with my nephew!

In between our exams, my friends and I had a Secret Santa party! We had soooooo much food and it was AMAZING! We had ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, salmon, desserts for days, and of course some wine. 🙂 We exchanged our gifts, and everyone was happy. It was one of the best ideas we have had yet.

Somehow my apartment was dirty long after that party. LOL It was crazy that I looked forward to cleaning the first chance I got on break? Oh, well. It will feel good to clean and get it all out to start anew. I didn’t go home until Dec. 23 because Joey works, so I had a couple days to decompress from school. Perfect!

I also had time to finish making my Christmas gifts! I love making gifts for my family, and this year I decided to make another quiet book for my nephew. I forgot how long it takes, so I was extremely behind in making this!

On Thursday before break, half of my friends went to see “Star Wars” and the other half of us watched Disney movies and ordered pizza. It was great! We also did some knitting. It felt like we were already on break! I seriously couldn’t believe we had to go to school Friday. Clearly I was checked out all day, hehe. But on the bright side, Dr. Freedman brought us PIZZA!!! Wahooo! See, we aren’t the only ones looking forward to break. 🙂

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!


Rugby Banquet surprise!

My award!

My award!

The week of the Rugby Banquet was a little difficult. I had three exams! Not even “easy” ones. We had Systems Pathology on Tuesday, Organ Histology on Wednesday, and also our Subluxation midterm. Woof. It was a lot of studying, but it paid off! I did well on all three exams. 🙂

To top off the busy week, I also had the Rugby Banquet on Friday. I completely forgot when it was, so I had no dress to wear. So Friday afternoon was spent shopping in search of a cheap dress that would fit the occasion. Finally after power walking the entire mall TWICE I found it … in the first store I shopped in. Grrr. Don’t you hate when that happens? Oh well, at least it was a good deal. 🙂

The banquet was in Vickie Anne Palmer Hall at 7 p.m. It was so nice! We had amazing food and tons of desserts. Yum! We also took plenty of pictures and had an award ceremony. Some of the awards were for all sorts of things — most dedicated, most flexible, most improved, rookie of the year, etc. It was great! Everyone on our team deserves an award for the amount of time, effort and skill it takes to play this sport while attending Palmer to become chiropractors. I love being a part of this team and am just happy to be surrounded by these lovely ladies. 🙂

And I got an award! You can imagine my surprise when I was awarded the Most Improved Player 2015. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Long story short, I don’t do well being put on the spot. I just do my part like everyone else and don’t expect to recognized for that. I usually like to plan out these kinds of things, so when I’m put on stage unexpectedly, I almost freeze.  Depending on the situation, I like to be behind the woodwork and unnoticed. Rugby is one of those situations, hehe. I think it’s because I’m so new I feel out of place and like, ‘Why should I be up here? Why me?’ But it was a great feeling as well! I can’t believe everyone thought I improved. 🙂 I put in a lot of hard work so it was nice to be recognized.

After the banquet, there was an after party, but I was so exhausted from the week that I just went home and went to bed. 🙂 It was nice to go home and just relax with nothing to do. The rest of the weekend was also dedicated to recuperating and football. GO PACK GO!

More soon!


Palmer Prom!


Me and the girls before we headed out for Palmer Prom!

The couple of weeks before Christmas break were filled with exam after exam and quiz after quiz. It was actually kind of nice because it broke up the monotonous days of 3rd trimester. But these couple weeks are also filled with lots of parties!

On Friday, we had the Palmer Prom! It was awesome! So here’s the scoop: Palmer rents out a venue, brings in a band, provides snacks and puts on an amazing dance party! Ask any of my friends, I’m not the person who goes out and dances, but I danced and had a great time.

We all got ready together and took classic prom pictures. 🙂 We had a driver drop us off and everything; it was great! The band was amazing! They played all the best current hits as well as the best classic rock songs. It was awesome to relieve some stress and just forget school for the night. 🙂

The next morning we all went out for breakfast at a local restaurant, Riefe’s*. My family loves that place. It’s local, the food is great, and the prices are cheap! You can’t get much better than that. But it does. They also give you free homemade donuts! Delicious! My friends and I have been talking about going there since 1st trimester and we were finally able to do it. It definitely hit the spot. 🙂

After breakfast I had to do a little studying for my Systems Pathology class. Our exam is on Tuesday and I want to make sure I do well. I had a little set back with my first PNS exam due to the Packer game (GO PACK GO), but I don’t regret it. Sorry Dr. Torgerud! Hehehe.

I also had our rugby Christmas party on Saturday night. 🙂 It was really fun! We did a white elephant gift exchange and then also had a potluck. Some of the gifts were really funny, and watching people’s reactions to the gifts was even better! We also dressed up in onsies or ugly Christmas sweaters. I had a penguin onesie, so of course I wore it. 😉 I left the party a little early so I could see Joey before he had to go to work. But I went to bed early that night to catch up on some sleep. Turns out I needed it, because I slept in until 9 a.m.! WAHOO!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. I continued to study and just lounged around the house. I did some much needed grocery shopping, though!


*Editor’s note: Unfortunately, Riefe’s announced they’re closing after many years in business. 🙁

Throwback Thursday – thinking back on Thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving week was a short one at Palmer. We had classes until Wednesday, and then we were all headed off to break! Thankfully (hehehehe), we only had one exam this week- Immunology! Overall, it wasn’t too bad.

Joey had to work on Thanksgiving, so we weren’t able to go home on Thanksgiving, but Palmer had a free Thanksgiving dinner for students who couldn’t go home. It was great! The food was amazing and it was really nice to have something to do on Thanksgiving.

I also went out and planned some Black Friday shopping. I told you how I built that faux fireplace with my dad, right? Well, I found some electric logs (with a heater) on sale. WAHOO! Now I have a real fireplace. 🙂 It looks great, and I love that it actually gives off some heat now. I also started to decorate the apartment for Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year. 🙂

Then finally on Friday afternoon we were able to go home. I brought my friend from the rugby team, Debbie, home with us, too! She is from California, and I didn’t want her to miss out on this! So we brought her home and put her to work. 🙂 Little did she know she would be stuffing the turkey and helping to put up the Christmas tree. But she loved it, and I’m glad I was able to show her a Midwestern Thanksgiving. 🙂

Before we knew it, it was already Sunday and we had to drive back to Davenport. Debbie and I also had to study for a Microbiology test. Thankfully, we got home around 5 p.m., so we still had some time to unwind from the drive and study for a bit.

On a completely different note, the rugby team went to New York City to compete in a 7’s tournament – where the team plays 15-minute games with seven people. I wasn’t able to go because I’m still out with my broken finger, but that worked out perfectly so I could spend time with family. 🙂 But the girls did great! They met a couple different celebrities and explored the city! They also took home the plate in the tournament! Wahoo! Go Palmer! Now we are on a little break over the winter until our next tournament in Las Vegas.

What am I going to do with all this “free time” now?? Maybe I’ll start a new series on Netflix … hehehe


First Big Snowfall …

(A few weeks ago) After such a busy weekend, the week seemed to be fairly relaxed. I had a couple quizzes and only one exam on Friday. I also attended a free webinar! It was awesome! It was on Eating Psychology. How cool?! It was geared toward pregnant/postpartum women, but it really was relatable to all people. To be honest I was a little bored part way through because I had heard this information in Biochemistry 1 or in my undergrad (I was a Psych major- whoop whoop!).

I also did a 40 day-revolution at my yoga studio back home, and we discussed some of these topics as well. For example, being present when you eat. How silly does that sound? But how incredibly true! Instead of scarfing food down in front of the TV or in the car, try to sit down and think about the food you are putting into your body. Enjoy your food.



I think there is a B.J. epigram somewhere on campus that discusses this very same thought. Another awesome thing that was discussed was judging food you eat as healthy or not. Why do that to yourself? Yeah, cool, I ate an entire pizza by myself yesterday; better judge myself and feel bad about it. No. Food is essential to our bodies. That pizza may not be a good idea to eat every day, but that pizza could be life-sustaining for someone else.

Also, moderation is key. Going out with your friends and having delicious fried cheese curds and beer could be just what your body needs. Gotta look at the bigger picture. I love this kind of stuff, its great! I feel like I can build on what I have previously learned and also add things to my own philosophy.

I also forgot that most of our classes were cancelled on Thursday! I believe we had two classes, and one was a practical so that was quick. 🙂 After the nice and somewhat unexpected short week, we geared up for the first snowfall of the season! And it was a big one, snow totals were predicted to be around 10 inches! I think we ended up getting around 7 inches. It felt like Christmas. 🙂

I had the candles lit and was watching the snow fall with some coffee. 🙂 It was a wonderful feeling. I also was so excited to wake up on Saturday and see how much snow we got. This was the first weekend in a VERY long time that I had the weekend to do whatever I wanted. That combined with the snowfall made the weekend better. 🙂

Joey and I also went couch shopping on Saturday. He thinks he needs new couches and pulls the whole ‘They hurt my back’ card. Pulling on my chiropractic heart strings. So we went and found a couple good options, but now we have to make sure they fit in our living room J Then we watched the Badger game (terrible, terrible game for the Badgers – we should have won!) at our favorite restaurant. Then of course on Sunday we watched the Packer/Viking game. GO PACK GO! I think it’s hilarious the Vikings even thought they had a chance, but, hey, you gotta give them hope. 🙂

And before you know it, it’s already Monday morning … but hey, at least it’s a short week. 😉


First week of 3rd trimester …

How am I writing this already?! When I started blogging, I was just finishing 1st trimester and here I am talking about my first week of 3rd trimester! Time is flying and I love it, but I also want it to slow down so I can do more here on campus.

That is one of my goals this trimester: Get involved and go to more seminars and clubs. I figured now that I have a **slightly** less stressful schedule, I can do more outside of classes. Rugby is also on hold for the winter. We have two tournaments, but we have no official practices until the end of February. This works out perfectly for me because I am still healing from my broken finger. But it frees up a significant amount of my time.

I am already signed up for two seminars, and one is coming up (and it happens to be in my hometown … YAYAY!). I also want to read a couple of books that have been recommended to me. Hopefully I’m not being too ambitious here and underestimating my class load, but I like to think I’m an optimist so it’s gonna work out perfectly. 🙂

Classes so far are good! I have been looking forward to 3rd trimester ever since 2nd trimester, hehehe. But the hardest part is being in class all day long. Pretty much every day I have class from 8:25 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. I usually don’t have any breaks, so I need to work on my meal prep. But, yes, you read that right–I don’t start until 8:25 a.m. WAHOOO! It’s a wonderful feeling not having class at 7:30 a.m. This also gives me a lot of time to work out before classes.

Now that I don’t have rugby, I have to find a time to work out on my own. I have been missing my yoga practice a lot lately, so I am going to try to find a yoga studio around here. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s one of those things where you think to yourself, “Why did I ever stop doing that?” So I’m also hoping to implement this into my daily routine and, at the very least, I want to take time for myself every morning before I have to do things for my education.

From listening to seminars and reading random articles, I’ve noticed that you need to take time for yourself and for your values. Isn’t that crazy to think that anyone could get away from these fundamental things? I know it is, but we do it. I do it. So I’m focusing on me this trimester because I truly believe this is key to chiropractic. Let’s be real, it’s key to a healthy and happy life. So I’m going to do it, and it’s going to be great. 🙂

This also ties in well with my goal of reading more and attending more seminars. How can I truly know what I want if I haven’t experienced as much as I possibly can? Anyways, this is my plan. What are you doing for yourself today?




I started off my break at rugby practice. Since I have a broken finger, I can’t practice, but I can be there for support. So immediately after my last final I went to Starbucks, got a coffee and made my way to practice. It happened to be chilly on Thursday, so a hot coffee was perfect. 🙂

Marley the Cowardly Lion

Marley the Cowardly Lion

Then when I got home, I had to run some errands for my sister. I wasn’t even home yet, and she was putting me to work. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew and one of their dogs were going as the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. In order to pull this all together, my sister needed some random things at Goodwill. She also needed me to make a mane for their dog, Marley. I can tell you I have never made a mane before, and I never thought I would. But there’s a first time for everything! 🙂

After running around all day, I met up with the rugby girls for supper. We went to the Barrel House to do some team bonding and celebrate the end of the trimester. I ended up going home after trivia and went straight to bed. I had a list of about 20 things I had to do before our game on Saturday. So, as I mentioned, I had to work on this mane for Marley. I think I sat and looked at her measurements for an hour before I figured out what to do. I clearly was still exhausted from finals. Hehe. I also had to finish another nap-mat! Wahoo!

By the time I finished all of these sewing projects, I still had to pack and clean before I left on Saturday morning. I think I was up until 2 a.m. cleaning and packing. Ahhh! But I like to leave my apartment clean so when I come back I have one less thing to do. 🙂 And let’s be real, it was disgusting after finals because who has time for anything besides studying??

Since the game was in Madison, my parents came down to watch and then they brought me home after. My chiropractor also moved to Madison, so I was able to see her for the afternoon. 🙂 It was awesome to catch up with her and talk chiropracTIC. She’s the reason I am in chiropractic school!

After getting home, I spent my break being a full-time nanny for my nephew. 🙂 We went to the apple orchard, got pumpkins, went for hikes, watched some movies, read some stories, and made cookies. Aunties are the best, aren’t they? Hehe.

The faux fireplace my dad and I built

The faux fireplace my dad and I built

I also made a faux fireplace with my dad. It basically is a glorified TV console, but it looks cozy and homey. Eventually I will get some electric logs or a fireplace insert, but for now, it’s just for show. I love it. 🙂

Faux fireplace with faux logs!

Faux fireplace with faux logs!

But before I knew it break, was almost over. My dad brought me back to Davenport on Friday so we could transport the fireplace. We had our last rugby game of the season on Saturday. It was wet, cold and misting. But none-the-less it was a good day for rugby. I spent the rest of the day staining and painting my fireplace. And the last two days of break I spent watching Netflix. 🙂

And then before I knew it again, I was starting 3rd trimester! EEEEK! How is this happening?!