Rugby Prom! That's me in the pink and looking good!

Rugby Prom! That’s me in the pink and looking good!

Homecoming, Homecoming, Homecoming … I don’t even know where to begin! Wednesday was the big BBQ to kind of kick off Homecoming. There were tons of food, the talent show, a water balloon toss, bags (or corn hole), snow cones, popcorn and tons of people just mingling in the West Hall Courtyard. It was the perfect way to end the short week and welcome in Homecoming.

Thursday, I attended a seminar put on by one of our very own professors, Dr. Lia Nightingale. Dr. Nightingale teaches classes like Biochemistry and Nutrition. Her presentation was on Diet and Cancer – it was very informative and super interesting! I remember thinking to myself, “I recognize some of these concepts.” I had just taken my pathology exam, and we were discussing some of them. It was really neat to see these concepts in “real world” situations. It can be really hard just strictly studying, so going to seminars is a nice way to apply all the book work to real life. Thursday night we also had a philosophy night and BBQ for the rugby team. It was so inspiring seeing alumni come back and share their knowledge with us. There were so many great tips, I almost couldn’t keep track of them all!

As for Friday, I kind of took the day off. There were of course seminars to attend, but none that peaked my interest. I also had to study for Gross 2 on Monday, Physiology 2 on Tuesday and Spinal Practical on Wednesday. So Friday was devoted to school, and it paid off big time!

Saturday, the rugby team attended the beginning session in support of the big rugby announcement! The rugby team has added 15 new scholarships for recruited students and has reached over $1 million. What an accomplishment for Palmer Rugby! Then, the Rugby team had Prom Rugby! It was great to see the men’s and women’s teams having fun and looking fashionable. 🙂 Also, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I was named 2015 Worst Dressed … pretty big deal. 😉 After the game, I went home, showered and napped.

Sunday was mostly a day of studying. I started the morning off by going to the Farmer’s Market with Jen and then went to the books. Thankfully, my boyfriend worked the whole weekend, so I was able to study undistracted and, plus, I didn’t feel bad for not spending time with him. 🙂

All in all, Homecoming weekend was a major success. If you’re looking to come to Palmer or are a current student looking to branch out, I highly recommend attending the next Homecoming!

Now, more studying and coffee. 🙂


Good news, bad news …

(Written pre-Homecoming)

Let’s play a little game: Good news, bad news.

Good news: I survived my Spinal exam! WAHOOOO!! Biggest relief know that I can handle this class. 🙂 Also, only two more days until break!

My poor car!

My poor car!

Bad news: After what seemed like the longest day of my life, someone reared-ended me in my BRAND NEW car. I’m pretty sure she forgot to stop at a red light and smashed right into me. I have to admit, I think Davenport drivers are worse than Minnesota drivers (and if you’re from the west side of Wisconsin, you know what I’m talking about). I have a nice little bruise, some nice pulled muscles in my back, and a nasty headache. But on the bright side, I am alive and thankfully attend the best school to help me heal. 🙂

Good news: Only one more day until Homecoming!

Bad news: Not really any bad news today, just very sore and tired.

Good news: Passed my Pathology exam!!!! And for the amount of work I put into it, I think it turned out pretty well! Also, I got adjusted today! Holy cow! I don’t think I have ever had such a huge physical response to an adjustment before. My ears and face were burning, and I felt super energized for about two hours and then crashed to a deep sleep.

Bad news: Insurance companies. I have never had to deal with an accident before and trying to get everything sorted out is a mess. The fact that I’m dealing with all of this during the busiest week just puts the icing on the cake.

Thursday through Sunday:
Good news: HOMECOMING!!!!! There can’t be any bad news with Homecoming! Homecoming is an amazing opportunity to reach out to alumni as well as prospective students. What an amazing weekend. 🙂

But you’ll have to read about that next time ….



First round of exams …

(Written pre-Homecoming)

CAUTION: Tests may be closer than they appear. AHHH! The first round of exams are upon us in second trimester. We ended this week with a Biochem 2 exam. I’m drawing structures in my mind and thinking, “Stimulate, inhibit, location … oh, shoot, what else?” Woof. Hopefully I’ll get good results from that exam soon!

Next on the agenda is Spinal. Hundreds of “quizzie” questions are waiting for me to memorize screaming, “Memorize me, breathe me, and live me!” So. Many. Questions. Then I have one day in between to recuperate, and then it’s General Pathology 1. Only 60 pages of reading for that. 🙂

It’s super important to get ahead on exams right away to coast through the trimester. It’s a lot harder to dig yourself out of a hole the entire trimester, instead of having a little leeway.

After that first half of exams, we have Homecoming! There are lots of cool speakers and presentations, free food and fun rugby events. If I survive the first round of exams, I’ll let you know how Homecoming goes. 🙂 Hehe

After Homecoming is the next half of the first round of exams. Monday is Gross Anatomy 2, Tuesday is Physiology 2 and Wednesday is Spinal Lab Practical. Honestly, I can’t even think about this round yet. It’s too far away, and I have too much information to cram into my head before that.

Thankfully this week is also a little break from rugby! We only have one day of conditioning this week, but have rugby events almost every day. I’m just happy I don’t have to run outside. 🙂 Considering I am feeling a little rushed with this round of exams, I am not eating the greatest or sleeping the most. So this rugby conditioning break is the perfect way for my body to catch a break.

I’m off to consume copious amounts of coffee and study! Ahh, the things I do for my future patients. 😉 Wish me luck and send me motivational/sympathy vibes. 🙂