First Big Snowfall …

(A few weeks ago) After such a busy weekend, the week seemed to be fairly relaxed. I had a couple quizzes and only one exam on Friday. I also attended a free webinar! It was awesome! It was on Eating Psychology. How cool?! It was geared toward pregnant/postpartum women, but it really was relatable to all people. To be honest I was a little bored part way through because I had heard this information in Biochemistry 1 or in my undergrad (I was a Psych major- whoop whoop!).

I also did a 40 day-revolution at my yoga studio back home, and we discussed some of these topics as well. For example, being present when you eat. How silly does that sound? But how incredibly true! Instead of scarfing food down in front of the TV or in the car, try to sit down and think about the food you are putting into your body. Enjoy your food.



I think there is a B.J. epigram somewhere on campus that discusses this very same thought. Another awesome thing that was discussed was judging food you eat as healthy or not. Why do that to yourself? Yeah, cool, I ate an entire pizza by myself yesterday; better judge myself and feel bad about it. No. Food is essential to our bodies. That pizza may not be a good idea to eat every day, but that pizza could be life-sustaining for someone else.

Also, moderation is key. Going out with your friends and having delicious fried cheese curds and beer could be just what your body needs. Gotta look at the bigger picture. I love this kind of stuff, its great! I feel like I can build on what I have previously learned and also add things to my own philosophy.

I also forgot that most of our classes were cancelled on Thursday! I believe we had two classes, and one was a practical so that was quick. 🙂 After the nice and somewhat unexpected short week, we geared up for the first snowfall of the season! And it was a big one, snow totals were predicted to be around 10 inches! I think we ended up getting around 7 inches. It felt like Christmas. 🙂

I had the candles lit and was watching the snow fall with some coffee. 🙂 It was a wonderful feeling. I also was so excited to wake up on Saturday and see how much snow we got. This was the first weekend in a VERY long time that I had the weekend to do whatever I wanted. That combined with the snowfall made the weekend better. 🙂

Joey and I also went couch shopping on Saturday. He thinks he needs new couches and pulls the whole ‘They hurt my back’ card. Pulling on my chiropractic heart strings. So we went and found a couple good options, but now we have to make sure they fit in our living room J Then we watched the Badger game (terrible, terrible game for the Badgers – we should have won!) at our favorite restaurant. Then of course on Sunday we watched the Packer/Viking game. GO PACK GO! I think it’s hilarious the Vikings even thought they had a chance, but, hey, you gotta give them hope. 🙂

And before you know it, it’s already Monday morning … but hey, at least it’s a short week. 😉


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