Can Chiropractic Care Help with Car Accident Injuries?

Jess Caruso was about to start her senior year as a psychology major when a drunk driver hit her head-on.

Severe headaches plagued her for the next several years. Physical therapy made little difference in the pain that was ruining her life. Prescription painkillers and muscle relaxers left her addicted and sick. Patient reviewing xrays

Then one day she went to the gym, where a chiropractor was performing spinal screenings.

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Chiropractor to the Olympians [Video]


Hi, I’m Dr. Dustin Glass. I have the privilege of working with USA volleyball men’s and women’s indoor volleyball teams. I also work with LA KISS of the Arena Football League and the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League. I’m a chiropractor, I change lives, what do you do.

With the Olympics coming up and the teams getting ready and getting back together it’s exciting times and to be able to go into the training facilities and get these athletes ready, knowing the athletes, knowing what I’ve done for them chiropractically. There is something that feels really special, being a part of that team. I feel that Palmer has given me that opportunity and I’m so thankful for that opportunity and they’ve guided me throughout my career and I know throughout the rest of my career Palmer will play a huge role in everything that I do and for that I’m thankful.

What Continuing Education Opportunities Will Be Available to Me After Graduation?

Chiropractors never stop learning.

As the profession evolves, new theories, treatments and research continually emerge that influence how doctors practice. To stay on top of the latest developments, chiropractors must continually seek education—regardless of how long they’ve been practicing.

You might say that once you complete your chiropractic school requirements, the learning has just begun. Test Taking

Earning a doctor of chiropractic degree enables you to get your chiropractic license, but continuing education is what enables you to keep it. Although the specific requirements vary from state to state, most state licensing boards require a minimum number of hours of continuing education to renew your chiropractic license.

As home of the world’s largest and most well-funded chiropractic research center, Palmer is uniquely positioned to keep chiropractors up-to-date on the most cutting-edge research,techniques, and practice trends. Our continuing education programs help professionals in the field to keep their skills and knowledge sharp.

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What’s the History Behind Palmer College of Chiropractic? [Infographic]

It’s an exciting time to be a chiropractor. Growing demand for natural medicine has led major health plans to cover chiropractic care for more patients. Cutting-edge research is nudging the profession forward a little more each day.

For those who’ve studied chiropractic history, chiropractors have come a long way from their early struggles to gain acceptance within the medical community. “Chiropractic did not spring into existence fully grown, but has been evolving and unfolding for more than a century,” wrote chiropractic historian Joseph C. Keating, Jr. Palmer Davenport Campus

As the world’s first chiropractic school, Palmer College of Chiropractic has played an instrumental role in shaping that existence. Known as “The Fountainhead,” our inception is so deeply entwined with the founding of the chiropractic profession that it’s hard to talk about one without talking about the other.

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Turning the Power On with Dr. John Artis [Video]


I’m Dr. John Artis, I’m a chiropractor. I turn the power on for my patients by adjusting the spine, by inspiring them to lead healthier lives. I change lives, what do you do?

I was in the pharmaceutical industry and I saw what it was doing to the body. A friend of mine referred me to a chiropractor and hence the journey began. I went to a chiropractor and I saw my body change literally in front of my eyes and when it did I decided to go visit chiropractics and see what chiropractic school was all about and then I ended up at Palmer.

So my experience at Palmer was amazing because it was to the point where I learned so much about the body, I had some of the best professors and it was amazing to see the books that they’d written and actually sit in their classes. Just what I learned and just how the body heals, it just put a spark in me to want to go out and spark the world. What motivates me the most and keeps me going, really gets me inspired is seeing people blossom, like lights turn on. When they actually understand how their body is designed to heal and they don’t need drugs to do it and all they need is a simple adjustment that actually turns the power on in the body and when that turns the power on in the body healing takes place. Doctor, to be me is teacher, if I could teach them how their body is supposed to heal and actually assist them in the process with adjustments that motivates me to get out of bed every day.

Why Do Athletes Often Rely on Chiropractic Care?

In competitive sports, the difference between winning and losing is sometimes measured in microseconds. Athletes need every little bit of strength, speed and flexibility they can muster.

That’s why, when injuries happen, many turn to chiropractic care rather than more invasive options for pain relief. Prescription drugs dull reaction times and carry the risk of addiction, while surgery might leave an athlete benched for months. A certified chiropractic sports physician, on the other hand, is able to relieve pain without drugs or surgery—all while keeping the body balanced, flexible and at optimal performance. Tennis Player

The common injuries suffered in many sports can knock the spine out of alignment, causing stress on its pain-sensitive joints, muscles, nerves, discs and ligaments. In study after study, chiropractic care outperforms other medical options at reducing pain and restoring normal function.

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Does Sports Chiropractic Only Lead to Work with Professional Teams?

Many students pursuing a career in sports chiropractic dream of working for their favorite NFL or other pro sports team—but not all of them.High School and College Athletes

Some want to help local athletes or support high school competitors. Others dream of helping Team USA win an Olympic gold medal. Still others want to support athletes at their alma mater.

Professional sports aside, chiropractors with an interest in sports medicine have a wide range of career options available to them.

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Understanding the Ethics of Chiropractic Care

Every healing encounter hinges on trust. Patients must believe their doctor will do what’s best for them.

To preserve that trust, most medical fields have developed a code of ethics to guide practitioners’ behavior and preserve the profession’s reputation.Ethics of Chiropractic Care

“The two most basic and important features of every profession are control over a specialized body of knowledge and a commitment to use this knowledge for good,” says chiropractic author David Byfield, D.C “This matters because our patients, and their loved ones, trust us to meet their healthcare needs in a caring, competent and safe environment. We do this for the greater good of society.”

Chiropractic is no exception. Researchers within the profession have labored to conduct cutting-edge studies that demonstrate chiropractic’s value to the medical community as well as to the public—and they’ve made great strides. A recent study conducted by Palmer and Gallup found that more than half of U.S. adults feel positively toward chiropractors, while 52 percent find chiropractors trustworthy and 63 percent agree they have patients’ best interests in mind.

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Academic Support for Future Palmer Students [Checklist]

Palmer Chiropractic College offers you the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career in the chiropractic field. To get the most out of your time at Palmer, we recommend that each of our students takes full advantage of the academic support services that are available to them. Students will find a wide range of support resources outside of the classroom, from tutoring to study skill development tools. Here are the essential academic support areas that students may want to keep in mind:

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Kacy Winans’ Chiropractic Story [Video]


Hi, my name is Kacy Winans, and I’m from Scottsdale, Arizona, and this is my chiropractic story. At a very young age I was diagnosed with asthma and I was on Albuterol for many years but it was after my first adjustment by Dr. Joshua Axe that I was relieved from Albuterol and all medication and it made me interested in chiropractic. After my first adjustment I was able to run again without wheezing, without any asthma attacks and that meant a lot to me. So outside of chiropractic being a holistic approach I believe it’s my way of giving back to the world. It’s a way of giving back brain to body connection, full function of brain and cellular activities so that really means a lot to me and I believe that is the key to life.