Is it Possible to Work on an Undergrad Degree while Attending Palmer?

Earning a chiropractic degree takes a lot of work.

Most chiropractic schools require at least three years of undergraduate work, and an increasing number now require a bachelor’s degree for admission. Add to that another three to five years to obtain a doctor of chiropractic degree, and you’re looking at nearly a decade of study.

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It’s a long time to wait when you’re eager to go forth and heal.

For students who want to fast track their chiropractic education, Palmer offers several benefits. For starters, we operate on a year-round schedule, allowing students to become doctors of chiropractic in just three and one-third years. And while we recommend obtaining an undergraduate degree before entering our program, it’s not required.

Some state licensing boards do demand a bachelor’s degree before practicing chiropractic, however, and some students want the accomplishment regardless. Those who would like to earn a bachelor’s degree without spending an extra year in college can take advantage of our 3+1 program to finish their undergraduate work while also working toward a chiropractic degree.

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An Athlete’s Odyssey into Sports Chiropractic

Growing up in Wisconsin, I loved playing sports, and traveled to basketball tournaments around the Midwest.Dr. Daniel Lord

I constantly pushed myself to run faster and longer until my knee started to hurt.

This is when I discovered chiropractic.

It wasn’t until I began to see my sports chiropractor that I was able to run, cut and jump without pain. The transformation that I experienced during my chiropractic treatments astounded me.

Seeing the difference that a chiropractor could make in an athlete’s life inspired me to become one.

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How Can I Spread Awareness of Chiropractic Benefits in My Community?

Chiropractors wear many hats within their communities. spread awareness_resized

As healers, they treat patients and collaborate with other healthcare practitioners. As business owners, they help support their local economies. And as advocates for their profession, they have a responsibility to educate the public about the benefits of chiropractic care.

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Preparing for your Chiropractic Degree: Recommended Courses for Future Palmer Students

Choosing the right college courses can pave the way to a successful and rewarding chiropractic career. Knowing which recommended coursesclasses can help you prepare as an undergraduate may be challenging, however, since most universities don’t offer a curriculum just for future chiropractors. This checklist features the top recommended classes that you should consider when enrolling in an undergraduate program.

Want to share this checklist or simply print it out? Download the PDF quickly and easily. 

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DoD/VA Internship: On the Job Training

Military service takes a heavy toll on the body.DoD-VA Internship

U.S. veterans experience chronic pain at a much higher rate than the rest of the population—44 percent complain of recurring pain, compared to 26 percent of the general public. Their rate of opioid use is nearly four times as high.

“Many of them are at risk for a lifetime progression of increasing disability unless the quality, variety and accessibility of evidenced-based ‘self-management’ skills are improved,” reports JAMA Internal Medicine. “Without more effective and less costly approaches to pain management, the estimated costs of care and disability to the country will approach $5 trillion.”

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Palmer College: Field Training Program

There’s a lot more to running a chiropractic clinic than what you can learn in a classroom.Field Training Program

From managing staff and billing insurance companies to keeping basic operations humming along, chiropractors in private practice must be prepared to wear many hats. Research suggests many chiropractic students feel unprepared to juggle the demands of simultaneously serving as health practitioner, business owner, financial planner and office manager.

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Palmerpalooza & Prospective Student Summer Events

Your chiropractic education will shape your healing career for decades to come, so make it a good one. Choosing the right chiropractic school requires you to ask some tough questions.

Will you have the opportuniImage-9477322-219450396-2-WebLarge_0_a9685d54a28b86c6787b54423efcf475_1ty to master a variety of chiropractic techniques, which will become the cornerstone of your profession? Will you learn the real-world business skills you need to open a successful practice? Does the school’s chiropractic philosophy resonate with your own? Will you walk away with hands-on clinical experience?

You won’t necessarily get easy answers from a college brochure or website. But there is one place you can: Palmerpalooza.

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