Oregon Chiropractors: More Patients Are Headed Your Way

Burt-adjusting-officeMany Oregon patients with chronic back pain will soon discover a host of new treatment options they previously didn’t have—including chiropractic care.

Beginning next year, the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) will prioritize chiropractic and other complementary therapies over painkillers or surgery for patients with back pain. It’s a huge shift from the previous policy, which heavily favored narcotics as the first line of defense against pain.

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What is Joint Distraction?

Chronic pain can be frustrating, particularly when it doesn’t respond to the usual treatments. That’s what makes chiropractors such powerful healers—they have a variety of chiropractic techniques at their disposal to help patients avoid medication or surgery.

Flexion distraction is one of those techniques. A gentle form of manual therapy, this low-force alternative can help relieve back and neck pain caused by a variety of conditions, from ruptured discs to whiplash to spinal stenosis. In one study, flexion distraction proved more effective than physical therapy at keeping pain away up to a year after the initial treatment.

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Chiropractic Care and Golf

(Congratulations to Zach Johnson, who won the 2015 British Open on Monday, July 20. His dad is Cedar Rapids, Iowa, chiropractor David Johnson, D.C., who graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1977.)

Palmer_Golf3Golf may not get a lot of credit for being a high-intensity sport, but after a day on the green any amateur knows differently.

Most amateurs swing their clubs at 75-95 miles per hour—a motion that turns, twists and pulls the torso. In four hours on the green, a golfer might attempt more than 100 of these strokes between intermittently dragging a 40-pound bag across several miles of uneven terrain.

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Break time!

It’s summer break on all three of our campuses right now, but we’re still open for business! You can visit our campuses in Davenport, Iowa, Port Orange, Fla., and San Jose, Calif., just about any time (though we will be closed July 3 for Fourth of July weekend).

We also have big campus visit events coming up later this summer:

  • July 18: San Jose, Calif. – PalmerPalooza 2015 prospective-student event, San Jose campus. Open to all students considering a chiropractic career.
  • July 18: Port Orange, Fla. – Prospective Student Summer Event, Port Orange campus.
  • Aug. 14: Davenport, Iowa – Prospective Student Homecoming Event, Davenport campus.

You can register for one of this visits on our Campus Visit page or contact the Admissions Office for more information.

We hope to meet you soon!