Will the Palmer Community Be Available to Me Even After I Graduate?

When you enroll in a chiropractic school, you’re joining a community—and that community doesn’t end once you obtain your doctor of chiropractic degree. Palmer students working together

In fact, one of the biggest benefits of attending Palmer College is the wealth of opportunities that open up to you as a lifelong member of our alumni community.

“The best way we can help our alumni is to give them the types of programs and services they need—now and in the future,” said Dr. Mickey Burt, Executive Director for Alumni at Palmer College. “Recently an alumnus told me, ‘It’s nice to see that Palmer College cares more about their alumni than it does about itself.’ ”

To ensure our graduates succeed as chiropractors, we’ve developed a variety of programs and services for alumni that can help our graduates:

Keep Up on Chiropractic Developments

The chiropractic profession has reached an exciting period of rapid advancement. A growing body of research is available to help hone our knowledge and skills, and new developments are constantly rising. Staying on top of the latest chiropractic studies is a must for any practitioner.


Palmer College is right at the forefront of this cutting-edge research, and we’re committed to sharing it with our alumni through continuing education programs and reports on the latest developments in the field. Palmer’s research toolkit makes it easy for alumni to access evidence-based clinical practice data and integrate that data into their practice.

Advance Your Chiropractic Practice

Building a practice takes a lot of work; earning your doctor of chiropractic degree is just the beginning. You’ll need the right equipment, a steady flow of patients and a way to accept their credit card payments—just to name a few. To help our graduates get a head start, we offer access to:

  • Business services such as our patient referral network, expert diagnostic imaging interpretations and discounts on merchant credit card processing
  • A one-stop-shop for the most up-to-date equipment and supplies
  • Free patient education resources, including videos, wellness articles and printable charts

Mentor Future Chiropractors

One of the most fulfilling ways alumni give back to their community is to help guide healthcare-minded students on their journey to becoming chiropractors.

Palmer supports our alumni in their efforts to influence the profession with programs that help connect students with future practitioners. Our chiropractic graduates can make a difference in a variety of ways:

  • Helping students decide whether to pursue a doctor of chiropractic degree
  • Mentoring aspiring chiropractors
  • Providing field training to recent graduates
  • Supervising interns as they practice their skills

Stay Connected to Palmer

The most successful chiropractors are those who develop and maintain a strong network of peers—and the most potent connections are often those who attended chiropractic school together. Relationships formed at chiropractic school can enrich your skills, become a source of referrals and even result in unexpected career opportunities.

We help our alumni stay in contact with each other (and us) through:

Shape the Future of Our Profession

Chiropractic researchers and practitioners alike all seek to advance the profession. But “elevating chiropractic’s influence in the health of populations is beyond the single provider,” says Dr. Michael Pavalock, Palmer graduate and deputy chief of staff for the Veteran’s Health Administration in Washington, D.C. “It floats upwards into the communications put out through local, state, and national organizations.”

By participating in our alumni association, graduates get the opportunity to work on behalf of the profession to help influence policy at the state and national levels. The PCAA can also serve as a springboard to other influential boards, such as the Congress of Chiropractic Associations.

Through these and other opportunities, we strive to help our alumni continue developing as chiropractors long after they graduate from chiropractic school. When chiropractors are empowered to make a difference in the profession, it benefits everyone.

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