What Continuing Education Opportunities Will Be Available to Me After Graduation?

Chiropractors never stop learning.

As the profession evolves, new theories, treatments and research continually emerge that influence how doctors practice. To stay on top of the latest developments, chiropractors must continually seek education—regardless of how long they’ve been practicing.

You might say that once you complete your chiropractic school requirements, the learning has just begun. Test Taking

Earning a doctor of chiropractic degree enables you to get your chiropractic license, but continuing education is what enables you to keep it. Although the specific requirements vary from state to state, most state licensing boards require a minimum number of hours of continuing education to renew your chiropractic license.

As home of the world’s largest and most well-funded chiropractic research center, Palmer is uniquely positioned to keep chiropractors up-to-date on the most cutting-edge research,techniques, and practice trends. Our continuing education programs help professionals in the field to keep their skills and knowledge sharp.

We offer a combination of hands-on workshops and online learning opportunities, including:

License Renewal Series

Travel to one of our campuses for a weekend and earn 12 continuing education hours through hands-on learning with leaders in the chiropractic field. Workshops on a wide range of topics are available throughout the year at both our Davenport and Florida campuses.

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More and more states are accepting online learning for license renewal credit. Palmer’s online continuing education program allows chiropractors anywhere to participate in coursework developed by leaders in the chiropractic profession. Our quarterly online classes meet the same high standards as our on-site workshops, with topics ranging from chiropractic ethics to evidence-informed practice.

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Seminars Via the Iowa Communications Network

Chiropractors across Iowa and in neighboring states can access our chiropractic seminars through the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). The seminars, worth three continuing education hours per session, take place on Thursday afternoons. Attend a single seminar, or receive a package discount.

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Earning a doctor of chiropractic degree is just the first step in a chiropractor’s journey. Through Palmer’s continuing education program, practicing chiropractors can continue learning from the world’s most prestigious chiropractic school. Requirements aside, it’s a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and develop new skills.


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