Academic Support for Future Palmer Students [Checklist]

Palmer Chiropractic College offers you the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career in the chiropractic field. To get the most out of your time at Palmer, we recommend that each of our students takes full advantage of the academic support services that are available to them. Students will find a wide range of support resources outside of the classroom, from tutoring to study skill development tools. Here are the essential academic support areas that students may want to keep in mind:


We pride ourselves on the fact that each of our students have access to experienced and caring advisors within the Student Administrative Services department who’re available to discuss courses, financial aid and any other concerns that may arise. Whether you need assistance with transferring course credits, need to reduce the number of classes you’re taking or require alternative scheduling options, knowledgeable staff are here to offer the guidance and support that you need. Our international students are welcome to speak with a member of the Student Administrative Services or Financial Aid department to get more information about their non-immigrant status and optional practical training. Here are just a few of the key areas of focus for our academic advising services:

  • Discuss criteria for satisfactory academic progress and success
  • Review the minimum requirements for financial aid eligibility for qualifying students
  • Discuss scheduling options that allow you to proceed through the curriculum at a more personalized pace
  • Provide detailed information about on-campus
    academic support services
  • Offer assistance with general questions regarding the academic program and how to access other
    department’s services
  • Provide advice regarding preparation and planning
    for the National Board Exams

Want to share this checklist or simply print it out? Download the PDF quickly and easily. 


Palmer College offers a number of different tutoring services, such as the P.A.S.S. (Palmer Academic Success Services) program and our group lecture study strategy sessions. The P.A.S.S. program involves study leaders who utilize their skills, talents and abilities to tutor their fellow Palmer peers. This may include lectures and lab study strategy sessions. Our group lecture study sessions focus on the review of core course materials, as well as mock exams and quiz questions. Study leaders are on hand to help their peers prepare for upcoming tests and expand their understanding of the chiropractic school curriculum.


While group study sessions and lectures can be an invaluable tool for Palmer students, it’s also vital to develop the self-help study skills you need to hit the books outside of the school setting. Our Academic Consultants can offer students the opportunity to fine tune their study strategies and skill sets that can help them achieve academic and, eventually, professional success. Some of the topics that are covered include: communication, learning and memory, stress management, study skills, testing strategies and time management.


We firmly believe that all students should be able to reap the rewards of our comprehensive chiropractic training program, and honor the diverse talents and abilities that every individual brings to our campus. This is why we offer a variety of different student disability services for our students with special needs. The Student Disability Services strives to provide greater access to qualifying students with documented disabilities, such as academic accommodations and special testing accommodations.

Use this academic support checklist to ensure that you utilize all of the resources that Palmer College has to offer its chiropractic students. Feel free to reach out to our Academic Advisors to learn more about how we can help you as you embark on your path to professional success.

Want to share this checklist or simply print it out? Download the PDF quickly and easily. 


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