What is the Student and Family Life Like at Palmer College?

While academic studies are the key component of college life, there are also a variety of other student and family Student Life at Palmerconsiderations to keep in mind while attending school. Palmer College of Chiropractic offers a number of different support resources to help students with these aspects of their educational experience. Here are a few of the key areas of student and family life that you may want to consider.


In some cases, Palmer students may have to relocate in order to attend one of our three college campuses
(Davenport, Iowa; San Jose, Calif.; Port Orange, Fla.). This is particularly true for those who may live out-of state,
or would prefer to reduce their commute time. Finding a new residence, however, can be stressful and time consuming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. This is why we offer our students an off-campus housing service to help them find the home that is ideal for their needs.

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Venturing off campus and taking the opportunity to enjoy the nearby attractions is essential for a well-rounded college experience. Extracurricular activities give you the chance to relax and unwind during your time away from class, and we’re more than happy to recommend local points of interest that give you a real feel for the community. These activities also allow you to take in the local sights and sounds of the surrounding area, which is of particular importance if you plan on practicing within the region.


Childcare is one of the most significant challenges facing college-going parents who have younger children. It can be difficult to focus on your chiropractic college studies if you’re unable to find a suitable childcare solution for your family. This is one of the primary reasons why we offer a wide range of resources that can help you find the ideal childcare facility for your child. When you know that your family is receiving the best possible care, you can devote your full attention to pursuing your academic and career goals.

School Listings

Palmer students who have school-aged children will naturally want to know about the local school districts, as well as which schools their children may be attending. We provide our students with as much information as possible for each of the schools that are near our campuses and/or direct them to resources that can, so that parents can rest assured their children are getting a quality education.


Ensuring that you stay healthy and take care of your physical well-being while attending Palmer College is of the upmost importance. After all, chiropractors are also natural health advocates who offer their patients nutrition and exercise guidance as part of their overall treatment. Our Davenport, Iowa and San Jose, Calif. campuses offer an on-site fitness facility to students and their immediate families and students on the Port Orange, Fla. campus have easy access to many commercial fitness centers located nearby. It’s essential for students to focus on their fitness while they are training to become successful chiropractors.

Student Employment

Students attending our chiropractic colleges may choose to seek out employment in order to cover their academic and living expenses. We provide a comprehensive list of local employment agencies who can help you find a job that meets your financial and lifestyle needs. We also offer a Student Employment Program that gives you the chance to earn extra funds while working in a field that is related to your course of study. Typically, these opportunities average 5 to 10 hours per week, leaving you ample time to spend with family and friends and to focus on your studies.

Palmer College offers a full event calendar, where you can locate the academic calendar and campus events and activities for more resources and information. No matter where you’re coming from, you will have an abundance of resources to help you transition to and engage in your new community at Palmer.

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