Dr. Joe O’Tool’s Private Practice Experience [Video]


Hi, I’m Dr. Joe O’Tool and I am in private practice in the Des Moines area. I am a chiropractor and I focus on improvement of health, prevention of disease and improvement of my patient’s performance. I’m a chiropractor, I change lives, what do you do?

I can truly help people get better. I can help people stay healthy instead of just managing sickness and so that’s, that’s why I really started to pursue the field of chiropractic. I am looking at the body functioning at 100 percent. A couple of things that really stuck out to me as I was looking for an education was one, I want the best education out there, I don’t care where it is if I’m going to be doing something for the rest of my life then I want to be set up well for that so that was one of the biggest things, and then just looking at beyond the education side of things what was there available to help build me as a person. To really come out of school and be a leader in your community and to change lives beyond just what you do in the clinic, that’s where Palmer rises above, far and beyond every other school out there. When I was at Palmer I had the opportunity to represent the school with the Campus Guides and the Student Alumni Foundation and I was able to go meet with politicians and have some round table discussions with some politicians and really start to, to get to know what it’s like to reach out into my community and lead in that way. I truly feel more prepared than I expected to be coming out of school and those things really helped prepare me for who I am today.

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