Does Palmer Offer Job Placement Assistance?

Long before graduation, chiropractic students start tackling some big questions. Will you open your own practice, or seek a job? Would you prefer to practice solo or work in a group? What types of patients do you want to focus on?job placement

Transitioning from chiropractic training to practicing as a doctor can be daunting, but chiropractic students have plenty of options. The chiropractic field is growing faster than average for all occupations, with an expected 17 percent job growth between 2014 and 2024. And chiropractors enjoy more job security than any other profession, with just a .1 percent unemployment rate.

Still, choosing between opening a private practice and getting a job can be difficult. Nearly two-thirds of chiropractors will ultimately choose to own a solo practice, while another 25 percent will work in partnerships or group practices.  To gain experience, many students pursuing a chiropractic degree opt to get jobs in the field before opening their own practice.

At Palmer, nearly half of our students opt to start a private practice right away, while the rest seek jobs with sports teams, hospitals, clinics or other healthcare providers. Regardless of what our students decide, we support them with the job placement tools they need to launch their chiropractic careers. Through our Palmer Center for Business Development, we’re able to achieve a roughly 83 percent job placement rate for our chiropractic school graduates.

Our job placement services include:

Palmer CareerNetwork

One of the biggest advantages of a chiropractic degree from Palmer is that it comes with a lifetime membership in a vast network of chiropractic doctors, many of them prominent within the field. When Palmer alumni need to hire a chiropractor, they often turn to the Palmer CareerNetwork first.

Students can search our job board for opportunities andbrowse a database of alumni mentors and volunteer career advisors,

“At any one time on our job board, we have somewhere between 750 and 1600 ads listed. We can’t even fill all the positions that our alumni are looking for in our graduates,” said Dr. Kevin Cunningham, vice chancellor for student affairs at our Davenport campus.

Optimal Resume

To make the most of potential job connections, students need to develop a high impact resume, portfolio and other documents that demonstrate their capabilities. That’s why we provide Palmer graduates with Optimal Resume, a digital platform for creating, managing and sharing interactive career materials.

With this tool, students and recent graduates can:

  • Develop resumes, portfolios, videos, letters and other career documents tailored to the desired job.
  • Build a website for presenting career materials online.
  • Manage all career documents in one location.
  • Share credentials across social networking sites.


The interview is often the most dreaded hurdle in the job search process. The good news is that interviewing is a skill students can hone with practice.

InterviewStream is a video interviewing service that lets Palmer students practice their face-to-face skills at any time. By recording their responses, reviewing their performance and seeking expert interview advice, aspiring chiropractic doctors can prepare to make a great impression when that dream job appears.

These are just a few of the services available to our students through the Palmer Center for Business Development. Whether our students are looking for a job or ready to open their own practice, we’ve got the tools to help them get off to a successful start.

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