International Students: Become a Doctor of Chiropractic [Video]

Bienvenue à Palmer, welcome to Palmer.

Welcome to Palmer College of Chiropractic. If you want to become a Doctor of Chiropractic Palmer is the place for you no matter where you are in the world. Hi, I’m Marina and I’m from Canada. While the move from my home country to the US was relatively painless you may be coming from another part of the world. In this video you’ll meet international Palmer students, you’ll learn about their experiences and some of the challenges they have faced.

I studied in South Korea four years for physical therapy and at that time I met my friend who graduated Palmer and she tell me about the chiropractic a lot. I was so interested about chiropractic so I decide to come here, Palmer.

People come here from all kinds of walks of life, myself included but from day one I knew that I belonged in Palmer.
I chose Palmer because I did a little research about chiropractic and Palmer is the first chiro school of the world.

Chiropractic started in Davenport with the Palmer family so I wanted to come to Palmer.

I was a student studying sports medicine. I grew more and more curious about chiropractic and the more I learned the more I realized that this is what I was meant to do.

And I talked to one of the admission reps, he helped me out along the way. I think I contacted him in my first year of university and said hey, you know I’m thinking about coming to Palmer, so he kind of gave me a list of things, you know places to start.

And he told us exactly what I needed to do to transfer from my country to here. Someone was always like here to explain to me what I needed to do after that. Everything went smoothly and just really good. I choose Palmer because it’s the best place to be.

We offer a peer support network for each other. We also do like a student ambassador program where we are trying to help the international students get accustomed to coming into the United States and try to help them out, get them set up and — cause they don’t know where to buy groceries or anything like that so we try to get them going.

Here I would say you know more people focus on chiropractic, that’s why I like it. I moved to United States about four years ago. I couldn’t speak any English, even my friends say, what’s up, I didn’t know what’s up. I think the most important thing that makes, you know make good friends.

Since chiropractic was so new and so interesting for me I decided well let me go and become a chiropractor.
And the students in school is very nice. They often share their studying materials so we can make the progress together.
A lot of the docs I talked to said that you can go to a lot of other schools, they might teach you one or two techniques but if you go to Palmer you’re going to have such a large tool kit coming out.

The reason I chose Palmer was it is where chiropractic started and also it has the biggest chiropractic research. I knew this is where I’ll get the best education. It’s very interesting. Every day I’m learning so much and the professors are also very helpful and they are very knowledgeable.

Going out into international communities abroad and really relieving the pain, that’s something I can see myself dedicating my life to.

I’m fully enjoying my experience at Palmer and I feel as if I’m slowly but surely becoming a good chiropractor.

I could feel, I don’t know, something you know, I just felt, you know, something you know, something special here.

It can be daunting leaving your home for a college half way around the world but with Palmer in your network of fellow international students you’ll be able to make the transition a successful one.

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