How Can I Spread Awareness of Chiropractic Benefits in My Community?

Chiropractors wear many hats within their communities. spread awareness_resized

As healers, they treat patients and collaborate with other healthcare practitioners. As business owners, they help support their local economies. And as advocates for their profession, they have a responsibility to educate the public about the benefits of chiropractic care.

After facing much criticism and controversy—particularly from the field of traditional medicine—chiropractic has attained widespread acceptance thanks to the chiropractors who’ve dedicated their careers to advancing the profession. Physicians are increasingly referring patients for chiropractic care, and public perception of chiropractic is improving.

Palmer’s recent Gallup poll found that more than half of U.S. adults take a positive view of chiropractors, while nearly two-thirds believe chiropractic care is effective at treating back and neck pain. More than half have visited a doctor of chiropractic, and of those, around 25 percent would turn to chiropractic care first for back or neck pain.

The poll represents the beginning of a multi-year study to monitor how public understanding of chiropractic is changing. The change itself is being driven at least in part by chiropractors who actively advocate for the profession and educate the public about its uses.

For students who are pursuing a doctor of chiropractic degree, it’s never too early to start thinking about ways to become an advocate. Here are some methods other chiropractors are using to help spread awareness about chiropractic care:

Lunch and Learns

Many organizations offer 30-minute lunchtime presentations as part of their employee wellness programs. Chiropractors can offer to lead sessions on relevant topics such as spinal care on the job or how to create a healthier workplace. Working with local businesses to improve workplace health raises the profile of the chiropractic profession while giving potential clients the opportunity to get their questions answered.

Health Screenings

Another way to improve local health while raising awareness about chiropractic is to partner with local organizations to offer neurospinal or other health screenings for their employees or members. Evaluating how the muscles and nervous system are functioning provides an easy and effective way to educate people about preventive measures that could help reduce on-the-job injuries and sick leave.

Philanthropic Events

Helping with local charity events can be a great outreach opportunity—plus it helps foster goodwill within your community. Chiropractors can contribute to these events in a variety of ways, such as offering free screenings, mini-consultations or demonstrations.

These are just a few ways chiropractors can help spread awareness and dispel the myths surrounding our profession. The more acceptance chiropractic care gains, the more patients we’ll be able to help.

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