Can I specialize in sports chiropractic at Palmer?

When the 2010 Winter Olympics lit its torches in Vancouver, B.C., Canadian sports chiropractor Gregory Uchacz receivedsports_resized the thrill of a lifetime: the opportunity to serve his nation’s team on home turf.

Caring for Olympic athletes at the 2006 games in Turin, Italy, had been exciting, but “nothing can match being a member of a team competing in your own country. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Dr. Uchacz, director of the Chiropractic Performance & Sports Therapy Centre in Calgary and a graduate of Palmer’s San Jose campus.

He’s not the only Palmer graduate who’s been enlisted to serve high-profile athletes in all sorts of settings, from performance training to high-stakes games. As the leader in sports chiropractic training, Palmer provides a powerful springboard for an elite career as a certified chiropractic sports physician. Many of our graduates have gone on to treat Olympians as well as professional golfers, football and hockey players, America’s Cup competitors, and athletes in their local communities.

Students are often drawn to the chiropractic profession because of an interest in athletics. Many are athletes themselves who’ve benefited from chiropractic treatment and became inspired to pay it forward. For these passionate sports chiropractors, nothing is more rewarding than helping other athletes heal—and win.

Palmer helps them get there by providing a bedrock education, hands-on experience treating athletes, and the opportunity to network with highly respected and well-researched chiropractic doctors. At Palmer College, students who want to specialize in sports chiropractic can:

Treat athletes in competitive settings.

As part of our Sports Council Program, students have the opportunity to provide hands-on chiropractic care for a variety of athletic events. Working side-by-side with doctors who treat Olympic and professional sports teams, our sports chiropractic students get clinical experience helping athletes achieve peak performance through chiropractic care, strength training, rehabilitation and nutrition.

Serving on Palmer’s Sports Council helped propel sports chiropractor Daniel Lord into an appointment as the physical medicine lead for an America’s Cup racing team.

“Watching the Oracle Team USA come from behind to successfully defend its 34th America’s cup in 2013—and knowing I played a crucial role in their training—was a career highlight for me,” he said.

Learn from leading sports chiropractors.

Dr. Lord chose to study at Palmer because he wanted to learn from the best, and it paid off. Training with well-connected chiropractic experts opened exciting doors and led him to a cutting-edge career.

“I couldn’t have chosen better,” he said. “I felt like I was getting an elite education.”

Students interested in becoming a certified chiropractic sports physician get to hone their specialty under the leadership of William Moreau, D.C., Managing Director of Sports Medicine for the U.S. Olympic Committee and coordinator of Palmer’s sports program. In addition to serving as medical director during the Olympic Games, Dr. Moreau oversees Olympic medical team selections and maintains a nationwide network of health care providers for Team USA athletes.

Palmer faculty and staff also comprise former athletes—including former U.S. bobsled team member, Dave Juehring, D.C. After serving the team in the 1998 and 2002 Winter Games, the certified chiropractic sports physician returned to Palmer to direct our Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Department.

Take top-notch classes.

Palmer’s dynamic sports chiropractic curriculum, developed and taught by leading experts in the field, lays a solid foundation in emergency treatment and performance training for athletes. Post-graduate students working toward a career as a certified chiropractic sports physician, for example, can attend weekend-long workshops on Emergency Procedures in Sports, Chiropractic Management of the Extremities, and The Spine, Concussion and Team Physician Concept.

Join our ranks of well-connected alumni.

Palmer graduates tend to have certain key characteristics in common. They’re passionate. They’re skilled. And they rise to the top, like Palmer grad Michelle Chu, D.C., San Jose ’10, is living her ultimate chiropractic dream providing care for the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Sacramento Kings, the team she grew up watching with her family. And there’s David Johnson, D.C., who takes care of all kinds of athletes, including his son, Masters champion Zach Johnson.

Our alumni ranks are full of success stories. Another example is Susan Welsh, D.C., who has worked with a variety of professional sports teams in Tampa Bay, including the NHL’s Lightning, the NFL’s Buccaneers, the AFL’s Storm and the MLS’s Mutiny.  Or Damian Redlinski, D.C., Davenport ’91, who serves as the team chiropractor for the Buffalo Bills. These are just a few of hundreds of Palmer alumni working with professional athletes of all kinds. Many alumni attribute their success to the education they received at Palmer.

“Palmer was my foundation,” said Dr. Uchacz, who is serving his fourth term as president of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences of Canada, the national governing body of sports chiropractic. “It shaped me as a practitioner.”

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