Advantages of a Career in Chiropractic

When a sports chiropractor helped him overcome the knee pain that made it hard for him to run, Daniel Advantages of a Chirpractic CareerLord, D.C., knew he wanted to help other athletes do the same. His Doctor of Chiropractic degree led him to provide care for members of an America’s Cup racing team.

When a group of Palmer chiropractic students set up a clinic in Labasa, Fiji, 16-year-old Anjlene Prasad witnessed the relief they gave to children with cerebral palsy and longed to learn more. She left her home country to pursue her own chiropractic training.

Chiropractors are drawn to the field for many reasons. They might have a particular interest in natural health care or simply a keen desire to help others. Many have witnessed the healing power of chiropractic care themselves and want to learn how to harness it.

Whatever their reasons, chiropractors have traditionally reported high levels of job satisfaction. And it’s no mystery why; the profession offers some outstanding benefits. Here are just a few:

You’ll be in demand. As the American population continues to age—and as those suffering from musculoskeletal problems increasingly seek natural alternatives to surgery or painkillers—they’re going to need more chiropractors. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a 15-percent increase in demand for chiropractic care between 2012 and 2022.

You call the shots. Most chiropractors are either self-employed or co-own a practice with another doctor. That means you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to work where you want, set your own hours and choose your days off.

People respect doctors. A Doctorate of Chiropractic degree carries a certain level of prestige. Most people recognize that chiropractors fulfill an admirable and important role in society, which is to support the health and welfare of the population. A chiropractic career opens the door to a wide network of friends and colleagues as well as the potential to achieve social and civic prominence.

Earnings are strong. Money isn’t everything (especially for those drawn to the profession’s humanitarian aspects), but it’s a nice perk. Chiropractic salaries run higher than average, with a median wage of $66,160 in 2012. There are also plenty of opportunities to supplement your private practice by conducting research or working with athletic teams, fitness centers, hospitals or students.

You’ll make a difference. Chiropractic care can help people heal from problems that medical doctors may only address with surgery or painkillers. It relieves suffering and often produces dramatic results. It’s also a natural approach that works with the body to get to the source of the ailment rather than mask the symptoms.

Everyone comes to the chiropractic profession in their own way. The next time you get the chance to talk to a chiropractor, ask how he or she chose that line of work. You’re likely to hear a great story.

What’s your reason for considering a career in chiropractic?

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