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Palmer College of Chiropractic Current Student

Mike Humpal

Former NFL player pursues a second career at chiropractic school. Mike Humpal’s mom took him to see a chiropractor after a high school foo [...]

Naomi Ndungu

Nurse from Kenya pursues a second career as a chiropractor. Naomi Ndungu, R.N., wanted more from her career than her R.N. degree provided, s [...]

Nathan McClain

Former sheriff leaves law enforcement to go to chiropractic school. Nathan McClain went into law enforcement to help people, only to learn t [...]

John Deyo

A Michigan State football player pursues his dream at chiropractic school. John Deyo’s Big Ten football career (at Michigan State and West [...]

Yi Xie

Yi Xie is an international student from China who wants to bring chiropractic back to his home country after he graduates. “Not a lot [...]

Katie Waters

Katie is fresh out of high school and already just months away from starting her new career as a chiropractic Technologist. She heard about [...]

Aaron Van Brunt

Inspired by the military service of his two older brothers, West campus student Aaron Van Brunt joined the U.S. Navy in Jan. 2001, and was [...]

Paul & Lauren Kite

Lauren Kite and her husband Paul have a plan. She is completing her chiropractic technologist (C.T.) degree, and he is completing his doctor [...]

Alec Schielke

Long hours. Complex injuries. Lots of patients with low back pain. Welcome to the life of a DoD/VA chiropractic student.  “I am way out o [...]
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