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Michael Miller. D.C.

Update 2017: On Feb. 5th, Michael Miller, D.C., won his fifth Super Bowl along with Tom Brady and the whole Patriots team, making him the only chiropractor in the world with such an extensive collection. It’s another symbol of his role on the team: an important member that contributed to the success of these elite athletes.

Dr. Miller is the Team Chiropractor for the New England Patriots Super Bowl-winning football team. He has served as the Patriots’ team chiropractic physician since 1982.


Dr. Miller showing off his newest Super Bowl ring

Miller originally went to medical school with plans to become a medical researcher. But during his training, the neurophysicists he worked with suggested that chiropractic might be a better choice because it focuses on the cause, rather than the symptoms, of disease.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Miller specialized in sports and rehabilitation and developed a private practice that cares for patients of all kinds, including many professional athletes. “You can be your own boss, have your own practice, and have your own independence,” comments Miller.  “I enjoy that.”

He explains that there is a difference between working with professional athletes and his “regular” patients, but the reward is there either way. “It’s a special feeling when you get recognized by your patients,” says Dr. Miller.

It’s probably pretty special to wear a Super Bowl ring and hang out with Tom Brady, too.



To learn more about a career in chiropractic, visit, or continue your education with a diplomate in sports chiropractic through Palmer’s Continuing Education Department.

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