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Mike Tunning, D.C.

Mike Tunning, D.C., never planned to become a chiropractor. He was studying to be an Athletic Trainer (AT) when he was introduced to chiropractic through one of his patients. When he learned that his patient, who was recovering quicker than “normal” from an injury, was also getting chiropractic care, Dr. Tunning started doing the research and realized he could do so much more for his patients as a chiropractor than as an athletic trainer.

Dr. Tunning teaching a diagnosis class

Dr. Tunning teaching a diagnosis class

That information led Dr. Tunning to Palmer, where he completed his doctor of chiropractic degree, followed by a three-year residency in Sports and Rehabilitation. Now Dr. Tunning provides care to patients in Palmer’s Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Department and also serves as an assistant professor in Palmer’s Diagnosis and Radiology department on the Davenport campus.

“The best part of my job is the interaction with students and learning from them, and learning with them, in addition to being able to teach them a thing or two,” says Dr. Tunning with a grin.

Nate Hinkeldey, D.C., one of Dr. Tunning’s former students, says “Dr. Tunning was an outstanding instructor. His evidence-based teaching style introduced us to literature and practices that were cutting edge. His passion for seeking additional information and education directly impacts the material that he is teaching and the care he is rendering to his patients.”

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