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Jennifer Labit

Jennifer Labit’s journey to Palmer’s West Campus embodies the essence of the phrase, “Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together,” in a unique and personal manner.

During her middle-school years, Jennifer was hit by a car while riding her bike. In her twenties, she suffered from a variety of health maladies. While completing her undergraduate studies at Arizona State University, Jennifer fell down a flight of stairs and sustained a compression fracture in her lumbar spine. This was followed by an accident in which she suffered a complete sever of her extensor digitorum longus on her right leg, and partial laceration of her tibialis anterior.

Jennifer studying at Palmer's West campus

Jennifer studying at Palmer’s West campus

Jennifer received standard medical treatment for some of the injuries she suffered in her unfortunate string of accidents. However, only through chiropractic care—provided primarily by Jennie Nelson, D.C., of Tempe, Ariz., Palmer Davenport campus ’04—could she achieve relief from the pain. She still suffers from the physical consequences of her collective trauma, but Jennifer’s inner strength and determination help her persevere through the ongoing healing process.

“My string of bad luck caused immense frustration, and to find a silver lining, I asked myself what I would tell my future patients, if they were going through similar experiences,” Jennifer says. “The answer I would present to my patients is the same answer I had for myself: to not give up, to persevere, and provide spirited encouragement to achieve a full recovery.”

Jennifer is in the early stages of her West Campus experience, but has already joined several clubs, is the Associated Student Government representative for her class and hopes to share her passion for Palmer and chiropractic as a Campus Guide.

“Chiropractic has changed my life in so many different ways,” adds the Phoenix, Ariz., native. She was further inspired to pursue the chiropractic career path by Dominic Pisaro, D.C., Palmer West campus ’06, whom she met in her hometown while earning her B.S. (nutrition and dietetics) at ASU.

“All of the health-related adversities I’ve experienced in my life have fueled my passion to follow the path of my chiropractic mentors. I look forward to the day when I graduate and will similarly help my patients achieve optimal health, and improve the overall quality of their lives through chiropractic care—just as it did for me!”

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