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Bill Morgan, D.C.

Caring for our nation’s heroes, leaders and Navy football team

Bill Morgan, D.C., is one of the most visible doctors of chiropractic in the Washington, D.C. area. Not only is he credentialed at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the “President’s Hospital,” he’s also Team Chiropractor for the United States Naval Academy Football Team.

At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Dr. Morgan cares for our nation’s leaders as well as its wounded and disabled veterans, a job he also considers a privilege. A Navy veteran, Dr. Morgan served in a Naval Special Warfare Unit One, Marine Corps Recon, and in a Mobile Dive and Salvage Unit. He graduated from Palmer’s San Jose, Calif., campus in 1985.

Dr. Morgan working with players in the Navy locker room

Dr. Morgan working with players in the Navy locker room

“Working at Walter Reed and with the Naval Academy team are incredible experiences; humbling and challenging at times, but I’m proud of the honor and opportunity,” says Dr. Morgan. “I’ve gained a new appreciation for my educational experience at Palmer because the challenging curriculum and program helped prepare me for the challenging cases I deal with on a daily basis.”

Dr. Morgan’s personal mission is to be the “hands of a grateful nation.” He adds: “Serving our American heroes is an honor and sacred trust, and should be regarded as a calling, rather than a job, which can be a very rewarding and challenging career for a chiropractor.”

Update: In a ceremony held on May 28, 2015, William E. Morgan, D.C., San Jose ’85, was awarded the Master Clinician’s Award by the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s director, General Jeffrey B. Clark. This prestigious award is intended to honor distinguished clinicians who have made significant contributions in the fields of patient care, research, scholarly writing, teaching and productivity.

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