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Jesus Cazares, D.C.

Rising above the challenges

Growing up in the central valley town of Stockton, Calif., where his family settled after moving from La Piedad Michoacán, Mexico, Jesus Cazares, D.C., a 2013 graduate of Palmer’s West campus, grew up in a hostile environment.

Dr. Cazares with his family at his graduation

Dr. Cazares with his family at his graduation

By the time he started morning classes at Franklin High School, Dr. Cazares had already seen the struggle among the Hispanic population to gain a humble living. He experienced firsthand the farming fields, which instilled in him the perseverance to continue his education.

Following his high school graduation, Dr. Cazares was determined to go to college. With no guidance, he managed to earn two A.A. degrees, during which he experienced a painful loss in his life—the passing of his mother.

This instilled in Dr. Cazares an even greater motivation to reach his goal of graduating from a major college or university, which he achieved when he earned his B.S. in biological science from California State University-Sacramento State in 2010.

Dr. Cazares worked part-time for a parcel delivery company while earning his A.A. degrees at Delta College in Stockton, during which he suffered a traumatic back injury while lifting a heavy package, which led to his first experience as a chiropractic patient.

The chiropractic care that Dr. Cazares received not only relieved his constant back pain, it inspired him to pursue a similar career path. While completing his chiropractic education at Palmer’s West campus, Dr. Cazares used his bilingual skills to help Spanish-speaking patients learn more about the health benefits of chiropractic care, through his participation in local health fairs as a member of the SPEAK (Student Patient Education and Knowledge) Club, and through the network of community-outreach clinics as a San Jose campus intern. As a result, Dr. Cazares received the Virgil V. Strang Philosophy Award at graduation.

Now, as Dr. Cazares embarks upon his career providing care for patients at Ringer Chiropractic in Tracy, Calif. (with fellow West campus alumnus Donald Ringer, D.C., ’89), he’s thankful for the family and friends who inspired him to persevere, rise above the challenges, and become the first member of his family to graduate from college.

Proud to be serving the community where he grew up, Dr. Cazares is now reaching out to the Latino community in the Stockton/Tracy area through his membership in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“I feel a great deal of pride to have come to the United States as a young boy who didn’t speak English and worked in the fields—and now I’m a doctor,” says Dr. Cazares. “I hope by sharing the experiences of my journey, I can inspire others whose lives have followed a similar path that it’s possible to achieve your goals and dreams,” adds Dr. Cazares, who recently spoke to students at his high school alma mater at the invitation of one of his former instructors.

Each year, more than 80 students from approximately 20 countries arrive at Palmer, adding cultural diversity to the College and the chiropractic profession. Today, Palmer alumni practice in more than 60 countries.

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