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Jay Breitlow, D.C.

Serving from the heart

Jay Breitlow, D.C., decided to become a chiropractor after spending a year in corporate America where he observed a co-worker who’d been an All-American linebacker in the ‘60s but “looked like a hunchback” around the office. “I was determined to help people like him, and for that not to happen to me,” he says.

Choosing Palmer for his chiropractic education was an easy decision. “I loved my time at The Fountainhead! For me, the true essence of chiropractic is in its history,” Dr. Breitlow says. “The best place in the world to have access to where it all started and stick to the roots was Palmer.”

One of his opportunities at Palmer was participating in a Clinic Abroad Program trip to Brazil, which inspired him to devote himself to chiropractic mission work and to practice in Ghana after his graduation in 2008.

Dr. Jay Breitlow in Ghana

Dr. Jay Breitlow in Ghana

“I went to Ghana thinking that I needed to help all these people in Africa, and when I got there I realized they aren’t all that different from the people in the U.S.,” he says. “I realized that any service that was given from the heart, authentically, is true service. It doesn’t matter where you are, only your intentions matter, and for me that could be anywhere in the world. This was what ultimately led me back to the states a year later.”

While he was in Ghana, Dr. Breitlow met his future wife, Christina, who’s also a chiropractor. The two eventually bought a practice in Longmont, Colo., which they called New Leaf Chiropractic & Family Wellness.

“You get out of chiropractic what you want to,” he says. “I appreciate that chiropractic allows me to express who I am most authentically at my core. My wife and I work together, we bring our two dogs to work and now we bring our infant child to work with us. What other profession allows you to do that and set your own hours? Need I continue? I can! Chiropractic is simply the best profession in the world.

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