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Taylor Rabbetz, D.C.

Taylor Rabbetz, D.C. Clinic

Taylor Rabbetz, D.C.

Making the decision to leave a business career and enter the chiropractic profession wasn’t an easy choice for San Jose, Calif., Campus alumnus Dr. Taylor Rabbetz, ’00, since he had a good job at the time.

Fortunately, for the Calgary, Alb., native, choosing which school to attend was a far less stressful and much easier decision.

“Seven of the eight doctors I visited in my hometown (Calgary, Alb.) all recommended Palmer’s San Jose, Calif., campus, especially if I was interested in sports chiropractic. I’m extremely happy with the choice that I made, and the quality of education that I received.”

For the past 12 years, Dr. Rabbetz has maintained a practice as part of the chiropractic team of doctors at Chiro-Medical Group (CMG), a leading multidisciplinary practice based in downtown San Francisco, which includes five D.C.s (four of whom are San Jose, Calif., Campus alumni), three M.D.s, a nurse practitioner, two physical therapists, two exercise rehabilitation specialists, and a physical therapy assistant. The practice is situated in a 10,000-square-foot facility near the Embarcadero, which, since 2003, has featured 17 patient care rooms, plus a fully equipped, 4,000-square-foot rehabilitation center.

Although the business aspects of his role at CMG could easily fill a full-time position, Dr. Rabbetz, who earned his business degree at the University of Calgary, says he can’t see himself walking away from his primary passion: caring for patients.

“When I joined Chiro-Medical Group more than a decade ago, I thought eventually I would see patients a couple of mornings per week, and focus the rest of my time on ‘the bigger picture’ of continuing to develop the practice,” said Dr. Rabbetz, captain of the 1999-2000 Palmer Pride hockey team, who played in the first Palmer Pride alumni reunion game this past October.

“But the reality of running a practice in today’s environment, especially this size, requires much more ‘hands-on’ time, and more time navigating recent literature to stay current with what the data tells us about what the best outcomes are for patients. Although I essentially maintain two full-time jobs, I love what I do: being a chiropractor and helping patients achieve optimal health.

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