Ira Shapiro, D.C.

An early Olympic groundbreaker, Ira Shapiro, D.C., Davenport ‘83, vividly recalls his experiences as an attending chiropractic physician [...]

Brett Nielsen, D.C.

That “ah-ha” moment happened for Dr. Nielsen, a 2012 graduate of Palmer, when he realized that as a chiropractor, he would be a primary [...]

David Baade

A hip injury from his Navy service left David in constant pain. Through Palmer’s Military Care Program, which provides complimentary care [...]

Madelyn Bizette

Madelyn tried every medical specialist she could to heal the pain in her arms. She didn’t find any relief until she visited the Palmer Cli [...]

John Artis, D.C.

In the office of John Artis, D.C., the power is ON. It’s like walking into a family gathering. There’s music in the background as people [...]

Yi Xie

Yi Xie is an international student from China who wants to bring chiropractic back to his home country after he graduates. “Not a lot [...]

Todd McDougle, D.C.

Todd McDougle, D.C. has made a career out of overcoming big challenges. “I really started Palmer at a disadvantage.  Not only did I have [...]

Michael Miller. D.C.

Dr. Michael Miller is the Team Chiropractor for the New England Patriots Super Bowl-winning football team. He has served as the Patriots’ [...]

Kathy Franco

Kathy Franco is a busy mom of five, but she is still able to pursue a career as a chiropractic technologist through Palmer’s Associate of [...]
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