Employee Gives Back to Make An Impact

Employee Gives Back to Make An Impact

“I have a job where I get to talk to every single student on campus,” says Loreen Frazier, department sales coordinator for the Palmer Bookstore, Davenport campus. “So I try to make sure they have what they need while they’re students here. I love Palmer and I love the students.”

Loreen gives back to Palmer students in more ways than you can imagine. “I had one student come in and say she was on her way to a final exam and she didn’t have a babysitter. So we watched her baby here in the Bookstore while she took her final.”

Loreen Frazier at Desk

Loreen’s smiling face is usually the first thing you see when you walk into the Palmer Bookstore on the Davenport campus.

Loreen has often assumed a “den mother” role to meet students’ needs. At times she has helped students with their laundry, included them in family dinners, bought groceries for them, and has even gone so far as to include one student on her cell phone plan. Why?

“Things happen and some students struggle, especially toward the end of the term when their loan disbursements run out,” says Loreen. “They need us, so we help out.” Students at Palmer come from many backgrounds, and some are the first in their families to go to college. Others come from as far away as New Zealand and have no loved ones nearby, aside from their Palmer family. Her advice to other employees who want to do more? “Just go up to students and start talking to them. Have a conversation with them. You’ll be surprised how open they are.”

Without a doubt, Loreen believes in the students and wants all of them to have successful experiences at Palmer. This past November, Loreen’s passion for giving back motivated her become a new donor during the Davenport campus’ faculty/staff giving campaign. “If I had a couple bucks and a student needed it, I would gladly give it to them. So it just made sense to become a donor.”

Loreen’s commitment to students makes an impact. “I have one student who graduated in 1996 that still calls me,” said Loreen. More than that, she’s creating culture of giving back. Her actions give students support in moments of need, but her example will stay with them for a lifetime.

If you’d like to join Loreen in making sure students can be successful, donate online or contact liz.nolte@palmer.edu.