Palmer's Jenny Lane in the July 24 International Talk the 'Tic competition in Marietta, Ga.

Sign up to Talk the ‘TIC by Feb. 17

The Talk the ‘TIC contest on Palmer’s Davenport campus will take place March 7. Talk the ‘TIC is a speech contest open to students in the D.C. or C.T. program, and it provides a unique opportunity for students to hone their chiropractic communication skills through five-minute speeches. They will be speaking to a crowd as if they are talking to people who don’t know what chiropractic is.

This year’s preliminary round at Palmer will be at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 7, in W210. An entry form is required to participate, which is due by Friday, Feb. 17. Forms are available by the Talk the ‘TIC poster in the skywalk.

The final round at Palmer will be held during SPIZZ Night on March 10. Talk the ‘TIC finals will be held in April in Atlanta, Ga., at the Life Vision seminar.

For more information or to receive a registration form, email Kayla Shaw

Talk the ‘TIC is sponsored by PSAF.