Training room survival tips with Dr. Kyle Prusso

Training room survival tips with Dr. Kyle Prusso

Palmer’s Davenport Homecoming 2016 closed with a presentation by Kyle Prusso, D.C., who presented “Training Room Survival Tips: Lessons Learned from 11 Years in the NFL.”  Dr. Prusso shared stories and photos from his time on the field with the Oakland Raiders, but he also peppered his talk with important bits of wisdom for chiropractors hoping to work with professional athletes.

First and foremost, says Dr. Prusso, “Check your ego at the door and be a team player.” Professional football players are cared for by a large team of providers, and every provider has clearly defined roles, common goals, and good communication. On game days, a medical team of 27 various health-care providers is on site to care for the Raiders players and coaches.

Anyone who wants to work with professional athletes must provide care that’s closely integrated with a variety of other providers, ranging from acupuncturists and soft-tissue specialists, to neurologists and orthopedic surgeons.

Dr. Prusso shared how he learned early on to be willing to serve the team however he was needed, including folding towels before practice and sweeping the locker room floor after practice. That kind of service builds relationships and creates value for what you contribute. Finally, Dr. Prusso emphasized how important it is to build a solid reputation in your community by being the best at what you do.

“I got the job because I was in the right place to meet the right guy at the right time,” said Dr. Prusso.  More than anything, he said, “a good reputation in the community will create those opportunities, so work hard to be the best at what you do.”

He closed the session by emphasizing how important integrated, multidisciplinary health care is to the future of chiropractic.

“It’s amazing to watch all these providers work together so seamlessly.  It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s the future of health care.”