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Palmer College dean publishes 5th edition of ‘Differential Diagnosis’

Jones and Bartlett Publishing recently launched the fifth edition of “Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor,” a “compendium of evidence-based approaches to the most common presenting complaints,” by Thomas Souza, D.C., DACBSP, dean of Academic Affairs at Palmer College’s San Jose Campus.

Since its debut in 1997, “Differential Diagnosis” has sold more than 30,000 copies, becoming one of the most widely utilized references to assist doctors with determining an appropriate plan of diagnostic evaluation and care for the most common musculoskeletal and visceral complaints. It is currently a required text at every chiropractic college.

“Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor”  by Dr. Thomas Souza

Since its first-edition debut in 1997, “Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor” has sold more than 30,000 copies, and is now a required text at every chiropractic college.

In addition to the flowcharts, relevant historical questioning, and summaries of common conditions related to the presenting complaint featured in prior editions, the updated version includes additional features, including: expanded “Likelihood Ratio” graphics; 500 new references; updated protocols and algorithms: cervical spine, lumbar spine, shoulder, knee; evidence-based approach to the literature (appendix); and instructor resources.

“Much has occurred, since the publication of the fourth edition six years ago,” said Dr. Souza,  a member of the San Jose Campus faculty for nearly 30 years, who also served as dean of Clinics for five years. “Most important is the inclusion of manipulation for the management of spinal pain in the recommendations of national groups.”

The new text “has extended to the use of manipulation for radicular (nerve root) disorders, once thought to be a contraindication for chiropractic management. In addition, much more is known about the value of specific diagnostic tests, including which to use as clusters as opposed to single tests.”

Dr. Thomas Souza

Dr. Thomas Souza

“I congratulate Dr. Tom Souza on the newest publication of what many regard as the definitive chiropractic reference textbook on diagnosis. This updated edition further enhances its daily practical utility for both teaching and clinical practice.” said Dr. Bill Meeker, D.C., M.P.H., president of Palmer’s San Jose Campus.

“I’m proud of our well-published faculty, whose collective efforts impact the global delivery of care by the chiropractic doctors of today, and, also shape the patient care protocol utilized by the doctors of tomorrow. This includes not only the students they teach here at the San Jose Campus, but also the many students at all the other chiropractic colleges that require textbooks authored by Palmer College faculty.”

Copies will soon be available for purchase in the Palmer College Bookstores. To learn more or to order copies online, visit