Corey Harrington ABCA award

ABCA names Corey Harrington Student of the Year

The American Black Chiropractic Association (ABCA) presented its 2014 awards in June at its 33rd Annual National Convention in New Orleans, La.  The ABCA’s highest student honor, the Student of the Year Award, was presented to Corey Harrington, a 6th trimester student at Palmer’s Davenport Campus.

With this award, the ABCA recognizes Corey for his diligence, hard work and continued commitment to the American Black Chiropractic Association and SABCA. Over the last year, Corey has served as a member of the ABCA executive board and as the National Student Representative.

Corey had the following to say upon completing his 1-year term in office, “It was both an honor and privilege to serve as National Student Representative. During my tenure I had the privilege of working with doctors and student leaders from across the country. I am truly thankful to the doctors of the ABCA for their continued support and mentorship over the last year.”

The duties of the ABCA National Student Representative include working with the regional leadership teams to ensure the growth and support of SABCA chapters across the country. The mission statement of the ABCA is: “Integrating and improving outcomes for persons of color entering the profession of Doctor of Chiropractic in the USA.”

In addition to being named Student of the Year, Corey also received one of three Harvey Lillard Scholarships, which are awarded each year at the ABCA’s National Convention.  To learn more about the American Black Chiropractic Association and SABCA, visit