Day one of Homecoming!

Heritage Courtyard from a different angle.

Heritage Courtyard from a different angle.

Day one of Homecoming came to an end. It was a very successful and exciting day. I attended the Heritage Endowment scholarship luncheon in the morning. It was a luncheon to recognize all the people that have given scholarship money to the school as well as the students that have recieved the scholarships. It also gives the students an opportunity to meet with the people that made the scholarship they received possible. It was a very delicious lunch and everyone was having fun.

After the speech from 9th trimester student Jennifer Green, we tried to start a “flash mob” of thank yous for the donors. So the table I was at started, and we stood up and said “Thank you, donors.” Unfortunately, people were still clapping from Jennifer’s speech, so we weren’t sure they heard us. So only, like, three other tables followed our lead. We gave it our best, and I think they got the idea.

Right after that, the Palmer Spine showed up  and performed a dance to the song “Happy” for us. It was a gift from the men’s and women’s rugby teams. They did a wonderful job. I think everyone was surprised and really enjoyed it.

I got to talk with  quite a few alumni, which was really cool. And I even got to set up an office visit with a doctor in the Altoona area. That is pretty close to Des Moines about 2 and a half hours from the quad citites. It was a wonderful experience, which will hopefully lead to many more really great experiences.

After the luncheon, I stopped over by the Sigma Phi Chi mansion for a little sister bonding before heading over to the vendor expo in the gym. With our Homecoming ticket every year the school gives out a little gift for attending Homecoming. The first year I went, we got insulated lunch bags. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go last year, so I’m not sure what the gift was.

This year, the gift was amazing and exactly what I needed, so for that I am thankful. Annnnnndddd the gift wasssssss … a portable phone charging stick! Excellent because my phone is never charged it seems.

I spent some time around the vendor fair checking out what everyone has to offer. There were a lot of different companies there giving out a lot of different things. I got brochures, T-shirts, pencils, highlighters, candy and protein bars. Definitely worth checking out.

After the vendor fair I had full intentions of trying to catch some of the speakers, but it seemed like small things kept coming up. The topics I was interested had all ready started and I missed them. I am hoping to be able to make some today.

The first year I came to Homecoming, I went to a class every hour they were offered. I was in first trimester, so most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about, but it was still really interesting and really cool. I was hoping to being able to get to some today when I will actually be able to follow the lecture.

Let the second day of Homecoming get started!


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