A look back on finals week – bring on the Laffy Taffy

Banana Laffy Taffy

Banana Laffy Taffy

(written during finals week) Yesterday was the second day of finals, and Student Council gave us a free breakfast for dinner! I remember writing about this last trimester, and I was almost to the end of the line and my friends pulled me out of the line to go get food somewhere else.

Well, this trimester I got free breakfast, and it was delicious. I had eggs with peppers and onions, bacon, a pancake, fruit and a cinnamon roll. The line wasn’t nearly as long this trimester, and not as many people showed up. I think because they remembered the long line last tri and weren’t sure they were up to waiting.  Those people missed out. They had a better system this trim and it seemed to work out pretty good.

I am appreciative of the free meals we get. It beats eating quesadillas all week, which is where I am at right now. We got goody bags on Friday. (I made sure mine had a banana Laffy Taffy in it.) Those treats were mostly gone by Friday afternoon … except the Milky Way. I saved that for breakfast yesterday.

The end of the tri gets rough. You don’t want to grocery shop because you’re most likely not sticking around the Quad Cities over break, so you kinda just eat anything that’s in your apartment, even if its been hanging around for longer than it should.

Finals are half-way done! I have three more to go and couldn’t be more ready.

So much to look forward to this break and the coming up trimester.

– Allisha

Allisha’s blog posts will return in July after the break ends.

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